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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rosha hana , William & Sonoma vegan and Gum chew like a Cow

Rosha hana

Le'shana Tova I just had a great weekend at the temple I wrote in my facebook page Happy Rosha hana and people ask if I was a Jew , Well Im not Jew I guess people can tell since Im uncut ja ja ja  LOl . I grew Up in a private Catholic School  and I still go to church but I been attending to Jew temple and I like it in many things its very similar to catholic principals and I like it .
I dont have plans on converting since I love my foreskin LOL and I want to stay catholic but I enjoy there culture and having dinner at temple this weekend it was fun even that was a orthodox temple they where very welcoming and it was fun . I m open to all religions thats how we learn and understand others . the only thing Yesterday in Temple a Politician Started to talk and I was in Sad that they alloud Politics and religion mix that should not be in any religion or congregation you dont mix Politics and Religion . ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Esta semana puse un post en mi facebook felisitando a los judios por el ano nuevo judio , muchos me preguntaron si soy judio y bueno la respuesta es Obvia que no pues no tengo el bicho circunsidado , yo me crie en un colegio catolico toda mi vida y todavia voy a la Iglesia pero tambien e estado visitando la sinagoga y este fin de semana las celebraciones de ano nuevo y cenas en el templo fue muy interesante . yo estoy habierto a visitar cualquier religion pues aprendo mucho y una de las cosas que e aprendido es cuan similar la religion catolica es a la Judia ya que nuestra base y creacion de los catolicos es la religion Judia , asi que Feliz ano nuevo a Los Latinos Judios . Lo unico malo fue cuando en Templo permitieron una politica hablar y creo que los politicos no deben Mezclar politica y Religion , no se debe mezclar estas dos .

Vegan baker

This week  was Invited again to William & Sonoma for my business and I had reviewers of food and restaurant in Florida that visit my Both and they love my stuff so That makes me very happy that Im doing the great thing in my business . Some people also have been asking if Im a vegan , Im not but I have many friends that are vegan so I became a Vegan Baker , that is not the only thing that I make I also bake regular stuff but the vegan have become the biggest support for my business , more info on my Business Blue Cakes Florida on Facebook . for more photos on some of the cakes that I done . /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Muchos me han preguntado si soy vegan pero no , tengo muchos amigos incluso mi ayudante es vegan y e tenido tanto apoyo y demanda de estos productos que e continuedo haciendo productos vegan , este fin de semana estube en las tiendas William &Sonoma y Dos Mujeres que investigan y califican restaurantes les encanto mis productos asi que eso me ayudara con sus recomendaciones . mas info y fotos de mis bizcochos en Facebook Blue cakes Florida .

My Next trip for Filming its to
Los Angeles , CA    Sept...  24 to 26
Atlanta , GO             Oct ... 4 and 5
New York                Oct ... 8 to 11

A few Days ago it happen Again for the second time some guy comes to me but his way it was not good , a few weeks ago the first guy was chewing Gum like if he was a Cow and then he said Sweet ass , this was at the gym first if Im in the Gym Im not looking for anything Im working out and I have a trainer only once a week because I like to work out alone and I don't that his attitude was very agressive and after he said : sweet ass he came back and say in USA we say thanks " I responded why would I have to say thanks when I think that was a insult , he was surprise but if you come to me with gum in your mouth and look like a cow chewing gum and say some thing like That I wont take it very good , if he would have say " your hot " or " nice " thats different and the reaction  has to be different . then he got mad when I responded in any country if you say some thing nice people respond thanks but his approach was not the correct so people I find even when people eat close your mouth  I have no interest to see your food been chew , and there is different ways to say some thing nice to people not the way s this guy did./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Hace unas semana satras y esta manana me paso otra vez gente cuando estoy en el Gimnacio no estoy en el animo de hablar con nadie pues estoy consentrado pero este Idiota vino me interumpe y me dice sweet ass , o en espanol Culo Dulce deveras no  el mejor piropo  que me puedan decir especialmente en la manana que estoy de mal humor y a un activo no va si fuera pasivo tal vez le hubiera gustado pero a mi no me gusto lo ue dijo y luego mascaba chicle o goma de mascar con la boca habierta parece una cabra comiendo , no se ve muy bien que digamos , luego se molesto y regreso por que no le dije gracias y me dice en USA se dice gracias yo le respondi , en muchos paises se dice gracias pero lo que dijistes no lo tome como un complemento fue mas bien un insulto . hay formas de hablar con personas que uno no conose y le puedes decir te vez bien o que rico pero decir que culo bueno no es una de ellas . osea el  Lugar no era el adecuado tal vez en un bath house o una disco pero no en el gym , Otra cosa otro me trato de saludar y coqueteando mientras comia en un restaurante pero comiendo con la boca habierta no es lo mas atractivo que puedan hacer , no me interesa ver la comida en tu boca mientras la masca no muy lindo que digamos .

Its all about the Image ?

 I was at the store and I saw this young guy come out of a new BMW convertible Dindt think much about it the fact that is white and new there is not many in my area , next day I happen to pass buy where this guy lives 4 block away from my house but a area that is not good and the Apartment building its falling apart , so my question its , is it ok to spend all the money in a car that the price goes down just so people see you driving a expensive car and then your home its a peace of shit , I Don't  know but I rather have a nice house and the car how cares , this is something that I see in the gay community allot , is Image so important that we rather dress in expensive clothing and drive a expensive car even if they have a shit hole for apartment and they have no food but they look " Fab" , I dont think so . and I seen this older women in her 60 with this ugly dress that Im sure it cost more then my house rent in a year and it was the most tacky dress that I seen when people become slaves to fashion even if it those not goes with your age or does not look good but because its a big designer we got to have it really I guess some people need a better mirror in there house . Money cant buy class and no matter how young you try to look some times not even with botox will help you . why not try to inpress people with the way you are and not the way you look .  .////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
esta semana vi este chico bajarse de un BM convertible nuevo bien nice pero al otro dia pase como a 4 calles de mi casa un area ue no es muy buena que digamos y hay esta el mismo chico en su carro , tiene mucho dinero para un carro cabron pero su apartamento se esta callendo en cantos , por que hay Tantos que se preocupan mas por la Imagen y dejan de comer para para pagar un carro carro o para vestirse de disenador que aveces  se ven como un desmadre por que no les queda , . ayer se baja de un Rolls Royce una vieja como de 60 anos tal vez mas con un traje super pegado que me supongo que pago mas que lo que pago de renta en un ano por ese traje que estaba Horrible  el traje le quedaba feo y no hiba con siu edad por que la gente se preocupa tanto por la Imagen y  no en lo que pueden ofrecer como seres humanos a la sociedad si total  la mayoria de las veces ni el Botox ni las cirugias les ayuda . 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Last film , Whats up with TV and men who ? Politics are funny and CMA or AA

stress /// estresado

I don't know why but some of this politics are crazy and the people that follow them even worst , First we got Michelle Obama I went to see her speak and it was all about women and kids so Men don't count . Then we have the Idiot Gringo of mitt " DumDum "the candidate to Republican that have never been trough a Difficult moment in his life and he wants people to believe that he knows what is to be mid class or poor he have no Idea then he dose not support women, latinos or gays or any other minority " majority " in that case . The He say No one argues that Im american because  he is white well mister America its a big continent that word represent so many social and racial countries that the majority speaks Spanish , America its from canada to Argentina , mexico , ST Lucia , Brazil , Jamaica and I think that those comments come out a little stupid for some one in his education and status . Some people say the Indians I Say the natives , and some people argue about America and why USA  use the term American  : its the UNITED STATES "of " America . thats word OF very important it does not mean the United states America it represent and say that USA its in America a continent . If Swedish people start to use Im european and all European speak swedish and are blond blue eyes Im sure the rest of the continent of Europe will scream at them  or if China call them selves Asians  and say all asians look like us Im sure that Russians and India and Pakistan will be mad that every one will think That all Asians look like people from China so I only ask People stope using the term America fro USA only its incorrect .

Last week my Business was invited to be in william and Sonoma for a Special Market and it was a great experience and I was invited to be in the store every 3 weeks to sell my products in the store Im very happy because this have open great doors for more great stuff in my industry . my facebook page its Blue Cakes Florida we are one of the very few vegan bakers in the city .
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// La semana pasada estuve en las tienda William y sonoma y fue una experiencia muy buena conosi el vice presidente de esta compania y me invitarion al mercado que estaran haciendo todos los meses de ahora en adelante y esto me pone en el tope en mi industria como uno de los mejores Pastelero vegan en la ciudad , super feliz .
mi pagina de mi negocio es Blue cakes Florida .

Im leaving to Puerto Rico Tomorrow August 2 to 5
then San Francisco August 9 to 13
then Maybe LA at the end of the month and New York again

TV shows now a day the TV its all about women  , reality TV shows about women , news about women , Novelas for women and every thing talks about women health and women's beauty , fashion for Women and  even Politics only care about Women its like Men don't  have any importance in this world . Women have so many rights and Im glad but I think it will be great to have some stuff that talk about men health and shows about men and Im not talking about all the red neck shows like swamp people or  the Idiot that eats tons of shit in short time or stupid stuff like that , WHat ever happen also to The History Channel the had great shows about Joan of Arc or the greek civilization now its all about UFO and American Picker or stuff that is not so great we need to educate people and give them more culture also some channels that had opera and orchestra and ballet that was substitute by Zumba or Cindy and her stupid make up line and other stuff that makes the society just like Those shows a Jack ass Culture .///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////QUe a pasado con la television todo es para mujeres , programa de salud para las mujeres , modas para mujeres noticias para mujeres y los Hombres que hemos quedado en un segundo plano que mal , me alegra que las mujeres tengan mas libertades y derechos de los que tenian 40 anos atras pero nos estan poniendo en segundo plano tanto programa de reality TV basados en mujeres y nada en hombres solo nos quedan los programas estupidos que hacen la cultura mas ignorante . Canales como el History que Hablaban de Personas historicas como Juana de Arco o del Imperio Romano , ahora todo es UFO , o lugares embrujados y estupideses como esa , orto canal que ponian opera y ballet ahora es todo Zumba y como sacar un culo Brazilero o alguna modelo vendiendo joyeria o maquillaje nada que nos hace ser mas culto todo not hace mas estupidos y superficiales .

Facebook page :    Antonio Biaggi Segundo

I just got back from New York I film with Dark alley and I did a scene with a sexy guy Morgan Black he is Dominic pasifico Boy Friend , Dominic and I meet years ago when I did my 2 movie with Raging Stallion that was my second scene partner , and Now I film with this Hot men and I snap a photo in the shower after the filming lol ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Acabo de regresar de NY donde filme con el novio de Dominic un modelo con el que filme mi segunda pelicula hace 5 anos atras y ahora filmo con su novio que esta mega rico lo encuentro bien adorable Morgan Black , tal y como me gustan los hombres y le saque una foto cuando se banaba despues de la pelicula que filme con el estudio dark alley .

I did a cake for a group CMA and I went to a meeting it was very moving .
If any one has Drugs problems and you think affects your life get some help there is some groups that will help you like CMA or AA I hope that if any of your know some one that need help talk to them about that I just meet this 25 years old that his twin Brother Die 4 months ago on a over dose thats very sad hope you guys Have fun but Please be very care full ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////esta seana hise un Biscocho para un grupo CMA y me quede para ver la reunion fue muy inspiradora , Si conosen a alguien que padese de Adicion y esta fuera de control por favor si es un amigo o un familiar ayudena esta persona hay grupos de ayuda como CMA y AA CNA y otros que ayudan a estas personas , conosi un chico de 25 anos  que su hermano gemelo murio hace 4 meses atras por una sobre dosis asi que espero se diviertan todos pero por fa con moderacion .