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Friday, August 24, 2012

STD in CA , Farmers market and william & Sonnom , Michelle Obama a , Craigs list Fake and a week with no Women , Michelle Obama

STD I don't know how many time I have wrote people go to the clinic and get tested and how many times I had talk about the models in the "safe " sex movies that don't get tested because they think the condom will protect them from everything . people you have to get tested if you have sex with many people every week go every 2 weeks and get a test  its very simple . I go to the clinic all the time and there is many other that do so to . its about been responsible , this model in the safe sex industry infected more then 10 people with this STD , I don't know how he film like that and what about the camera guys and assistant know one notice really .
some one posted a stupid comment about one of my scenes and said that I had Syphilis in a film that shoot for macho fucker I did not had any STD it was a Acne that got infected ind I had it taking care of the day before and I was in Spain filming other wise I would not have film like that . But to that Person that for been attentive and pay attention to my life I m clean I actually was in the clinic this week and all its good since Im on my way to NY to film and thats How we all shoot do it .
Now people don't kill this model because hi is guilt  but some one ales gave it to him .

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Tomorrow Saturday August 25 , My new Business Blue Cakes will be at william and Sonoma at the Galleria mall Im really happy and honor that they chose me for there first market in the store to show case the bast local bakers and food business in the city .so Ill be at the store talking  and selling my Vegan line of deserts , so for those that live in Florida Ill be in the store and hope every one comes and say hi . my Face book page its  : Blue Cakes Florida .

I work at the farmers Market and I have to say its a really great place to Buy food I get honey  , Fruits and even my olive oil I buy at Farmers Market for same or less price then in the supper market and better  quality in my Market its cheaper and all its Organic . So for those in New York , California , and Florida and Other places visit your Local farmers market you will love the finds .

My Next trips :
New York  August 27 to 30
san Juan Puerto Rico  September 2 to 4
W. DC         September 10 to 13
Los Angeles  September 18 to 21

BLUE cakes in WIlliam and Sonoma Tomorrow August 25

Wednesday Some one Did a profile in Craig List with my Photos and my phone Number and send it to several people some they became fans and they apologize for what happen and several people reported this person I also file a report and we got his email and Name , all I want to say its , That I hope this person did not send this photos to a minor or to people that he should send those photos , now a days we can even search from what computer or phone was send this photos and where they open the profile people I don't know why but with so many problems that have happen before in those sites I don't understand why people keep going there .
I don't go to any off those site not even the GRINDER its not my style guys get out of your house and meet guys in the supper market in the gas station at the beach the gym or a local bar don't waist your time most of those profiles are fake . Thats why they put some ones ass another person dick and they never show photos of full body if they do its some porn actor or them 40 years ago . people don't waist your time
and for the Guy your try to hurt me but actually you got me a few new fans so thanks .
El miercoles un Ignorante puso un add en craigs list con fotos y mi numero de telefono y le envio emails a un monton de personas con las fotos . gente yo y varias de las personas lo tuvimos que reportar primero yo no entro a esos websites no es mi esttilo , prefiero conoser a alguien en el Gimnacio o el supermercado o en la playa yo no pierdo mi tiempo en esos sites que muchos no ponen la cara solo fotos de bichos que no son de ellos y be culos que ampococs son de ellos o son ellos hace 40 anos atras por dio sgente no pierdan tiempo .
Estoy tranquilo que lo reporte por si le envio algo a algun menor o a alguna persona que no devia , hoy dia se puede investigar  de que computadora  o celular se utiliso para hacer esto  , asi que gente tenemos el nombre y el Email . gante no sean brutos , y ademas creo que lo hiso para hacerme dano y al fin y aal cabo me dio unos 5 fans nuevos que no sabian de mi asi que Gracias .

The women next door
the Lady or Bitch Next door 3 days ago  Im walking my chihuahua and almost when Im close to my house I see her getting out of my driveway  , when I get to my door ther is a Bag of Dog poo that it was bigger then my little 5 pound dog and I went bak to her house and put it back in her house with a note that said that its from a Big dog at least a 25 pound dog so you better search well before you do a trash move like that not classy  or lady like . and I also put a poo bag that I use for my dog that is Biodegradable and told her I have my own bags and they aren't plastic bags .
then Today a Bitch hit my car from behind when I was park she was texting and Claim that she didnt had space really baceuse there was a Truck in that space before she got there .
well in other words I just Saw a Stupid show call a WEEK WITH NO WOMEN . I said to my self that sounds like a Dream . where is that , a bunch of Hot guys alone horney for a week , plus no traffic , no car accidents and no Bitches its like a dream Ja ja ja  PS I love my mother and my 3 best girl friends but that sounds like fun for a week . Now the Show it self its a White Trash  stupid show .
La vecina
 esta bicha me pone mierda de perro en una bolsa en la puerta de mi casa , yo tengo un chihuahua de 5 libras aqullo era como de un caballo , yo me e dado una encabrona y le tirre la plasta en la puerta de ella con una carta que yo recojo el poo poo de mi perro y el no es tan grande para hacer semejante plasta y ademas que si era de mi perro ella me hubiera hablado no hacer semejante cafreria .
Luego ayer una Idiota texteando me choco el carro por atras yo estaba estacionado y  detras de mi habia un camion que se fue y ella dijo que no tenia espacio , estas cabronas no saben guiar  y para colmo te dan bicheria .
 todo esto viene por que acabo de ver un programa de TV nuevo que es super cafre pero el titulo me gusto  ' Una Semana Sin mujeres " dejar un pueblito pequeno sin mujeres y todos esos machos ricos solos mmmmmm  ademas no trafico me puse a pensar menos accidentes de carro y ninguna bicha , que sueno mas rico , apesar de que tengo muchas mujeres en mi vida como mi madre y mis 3 mejore amigas que las quiero pero una semana sin mujeres suena bien .

Wednesday I went to see Michelle Obama :  She was really good and a great motivation but the only thing that I did not like was , when she talk about health care she never mentions so many health issues she only spoke of Breast cancer and then she spoke of how this  election year they are all about Kids and women .. Ok so what happen to men because the last few Years its all about women but men have been forgotten no one cares about men health  or issues that men got , even TV its all about women  for women by women  , and the work Gay or Homosexual in her vocabulary was a no show , she only mention now people in the ARmy because of my husband they don't have to hide there love one so she cant say Gay . really Michelle I have to say she was great but she would have been better if she change her presentation a little a few gay men that was there left  before she finnish another thing she keep all the time Give me a Amen , I was with a group of Jews and  3 of the jewish women that where with me left I think her message should be a little more neutral and not so religious or gender  specific , but I learn to like her . very Humble person thats good .

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I help a friend at a seniors center I have to say it was great to see this people in there 80 and even 91 doing exercises and been so happy and having a great spirit , with no stress and doing what they can they where so happy to see younger people interested in them and most at that age don;t care if your gay they just want company and attention , I feel sad when a...
older person its alone and we all ignore them , after all most will end up like that on less we die young so lets not forget that. and give some time to the older population we are all so busy but we all have 5 minutes to give to a older person insted of going to party or a club spend at leats a hour with them they will teach you alot , that made my day . //////  esta semana  fuy un rato a ayudar a un amigo a dar una clase de ejercicios a los ancianos de un hogar y tengo que decir que estas personas de 80 y hasta uno de 91 anos que los cumple manana , ellos estan tan llenos de enrgia y sonriendo felices que les brindamos compania y atencion , no tienen nada de estres y me hace pensar por que muchas veces veo personas mayores que nadie les presta atencion pues todos estamos tan ocupados con nuestras vidas y los ignoramos y todos si no es que nos morimos jovenes todos llegaremos a viejo que triste seria que nos ignoraran tambien por ser viejos . deveras que ese rato con estos envejecientes me hiso el dia tan feliz y ellos son tan interesantes que uno siempre aprende mucho con ellos , me gane un canto de cielo ja ja ja . 

Card and Passwords //////// targetas y codigos :

Im so tired that every store bank supermarket and every where you go they have a  reward card and a password for every thing most of the time I don't remember and they look at you like you are a Lier people even to travel there is  password for rental car for bank for emails I forget half of them this world its crazy with so many Dam passwords and my key chain cant hold another fucking card of pharmacy or market I count I had 28 cards more then the keys that I have only 5 keys ja ja ja //////////Estoy tan cansado de tantas claves y tarjetas cada negocio tiene una tarjeta o un codico desde las lineas aereas , los supermercados las farmacias , todo es un codigo hoy conte y tenia 5 llaves y 28 targetas de puntos por que todos los jodios negocios tienen una este mundo esta loco la mayor parte del tiempo los codigos se me olvidan pues son tantos desde el banco hasta las lineas aereas todo es un password que locura .

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mmmmmmm Olympic games this is why I love them :
mmmmm Juegos Olimpicos por esto es que me gustan ja ja ja 


Now the hottes is the Puerto rican but I dont have a bulge photo //// el mas sexy es el de Puerto Rico pero no tengo fotos del bulto 

I know never talk about it but who cares lol ///////////LO SE nunca hablar de politica asi que que carajo aqui les voy 

I was at the market the other day and a lady wanted me to vote , now I know I should not be talking about politics but she said this guy its a gay candidate , I ask what have he done , she could not answer and she ask me do you vote : I said yes but I wont vote this year . she ask me why : I responded I don't vote because there is no candidate that I feel its good one did a mess by giving money to this big corporations and the economy its the same if Obama wanted to waist money he could have actually give $3.000 to each family in the country and that would have help the economy a little and relieve many families from stress but he gave money to those that fuck the economy  and they still did nothing .he promise green jobs and I haven't seen any green jobs made . then in the other hand we get a republican that his mentality still in the 1950's he is a homophobic even having a lesbian daughter and he is a snob and only will help the other millionaires   now what interested a millionaires has in been a President he he becomes the president will be the richest one in history and that is very scary so rich and looking for power and more money its not good . when are we learning that we need new younger people with Ideas that help the younger generations all this relics that are in power don't help any more even the constitution it should be change the 5th amendment talks about slaves and soldiers from the union its so out of place I m surprise that this country allows women to vote and Black to married . we need to change the laws in this country .So this year Im not voting its lame I rather draw a mickey mouse that may do more then all this incompetents . to many BA MA and little brain for the real world. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Este ano no voto una chica me pregunto que por que no votaba por un candidato que era gay , yo le pregunte que el ha hecho ella no me supo responder y luego me  pregunto vas a votar le dije que no , ella me pregunto por que no : le respondi : no hay candidatos que me gusten todos tienen mucha educacion universitaria  y poca sabiduria de lo que el pais necesita . uno como el Obama que regalo  billones a estos millonarios que en primer lugar jodieron la economia se suponia que regalandole el dinero ayudarua a todo y que Hicieron ellos nada , mejor salia dandole 2 o $3,000 a cada familia necesitada de este pais y eso ayudaria a la economia a que ellos paguen sus deudas y a aliviar el estres que muchos viven en este pais ya que lo que hise fue botar esos billones los hise mas rico y no hicieron nada la economia sigue igual , Obama prometio nuevos trabajos hambientales , ahora donde estan por que ni las turbinas de viento pero si apoyo la construcion de una planta nuclear en alabama que cuesta billones cuando otros paises las estan cerrando , luego tenemos un Republicano que el nombre no quiero ni decir que es un homofobico teniendo una hija lesbiana , una mantalidad como si estubieramos en los anos 1950 y  es un clasisista que solo le importa de los millonarios hasta encontra del aborto que mentalidad mas atrasada .  y si gana seria el presidente mas rico en la historia un multi millonario con poder es un peligro que mal necesitamos gente joven y con ideas nuevas estaba leyendo la constitucios y las leyes como la quinta enmienda que creo que se deben de cambiar o modificar pues todavia hablan de soldados de la union del 1700 y de esclavos , me solprende que con estas mentalidades y con estas leyes las mujeres puedan votar y los negros se puedan casar hay que cambiar a estos vejestorios en el gobierno y poner gente nueva asi que este ano no voy a votar pefiero votar por mickey mouse que creo haria mas que estos vejestorios .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MOre Batman, DC was Great , Macho Fucker party turn into a Movie

old photo shoot in Paris /// Foto vieja en Paris

well first the shooting in colorado a little 6 years old girl die , now there was a big scare in Miami when a Guy said he was going to kill every one, 400  people run this was at the midnight show of batman in miami and a women complain that her little 4 year old could have been kill , so one more time my Brain goes , what the fuck a 4 year old is doing in the movies at midnight . that is very irresponsible from her and social services should check this women . at that age even when I was in High school I was not out of the house after 8 pm , i think people should use the old ways when it comes to educating kids . this is one of the many shit that have happen in this movie so I guess I wont go to see it in Mexico same batman movie the theater cut fire and hundreds had to run out I guess Ill wait for the DVD .//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Primero fue el tiroteo en Colorado donde una nina de 6 anos murio y ahora en miami la misma pelicula de batman un hombre amenazo matar a todos en el cine , ocaciono 400 personas corriendo y esta mujer se quejo que su hijo de 4 anos pudo haber muerto , Ahora mi  consiencia funcione y me dijo "Que carajo hace un nino de 4 anos en un cine a la media noche , cuando yo tenia esa edad incluso a  los 14 anos mis padres no nos dejaban salir de la casa despues de las 8 pm , creo que servicios sociales debe investigar estas mujeres que permiten a sus hijos a esas horas afuera . Y yo no voy a ver esa pelicula es el tercer insidente que ocurre en esa pelicula incluso un cine en Mexico se quemo durante la pelicula . asi que eserare a que salga el DVD .

carlitos try to hide from the crazy police women in the bathroom ja ja ja el modelo carlitos escondiendose de la  actris policia .

This week was Macho Fucker party in New York its was organize By one of there models the party started ok it was fun and then the police show up , the Model that Organize  the party call them , there was nothing Illegal so it was Ok , but it was to scare people and then this Model got a Fake police women that got us all the 200 people hold for more then one hour and she stole money and all the alcohol it was a  really scary moment for many people I was with a model the hole time in the changing room with the lights off and we can hear all the screaming and fights , then after she tormented every one she left with more then 4,000 and the model that Organized the Party went to help her and he left and never came back now the police its investigating this event not the people but the model that did this scam that sounds like a Hollywood movie , So I want to apologize to fans that came and went trough this hell , I heard many that did not mind they like the party but still I want to say sorry that we had a idiot model that would be so stupid to steal  $4,000 when he can make more then that in a few months but thats how it is and MF will do more Parties better organize /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Esta semana pasada fue el Party de macho fucker en NY el party fue Organisado por un modelo  no voy a mencionar su nombre pero , todo estuvo bien hasta que este modelo llamo la policia , no paso nada ya que todo fue legal pero puso a la gente nerviosa  ahora  la trampa fue luego cuando este modelo contrato una mujer que se vistiera de policia y ella sola llego gritando que estabamos todos arrestados raro pues eramos 200 personas y ella era solo una pero dijo que habian mas policias  abajo , ella nos mantubo por mas de una hora detenidos en este penhouse y todos estaban bien nerviosos luego comenso a decir que queria todo el dinero de todos y las bebidas alcoholicas y luego de los gritos y mas de una hora de tortura ella se fue , yo estuve con uno de los modelos en el cuarto privado donde nos cambiamos de ropa con las luces apagadas y escuchando todo . luego ella desidio irse y el modelo que organiso dijo que el ayudaria a la "policia " y los dos se desaparecieron con mas de $4,000 y todo el alcohol . ahora la policia esta investigando a este modelo , quiero disculparme con todos los que fueron y pasaron por estos eventos pero nada MF hara otras fiestas y espero que no allan otros modelos estupidos como para robar dinero que pueden hacer mas de eso en un mes por que asustar a la gente asi por $4000 por favor . bueno mis Disculpas de Parte del estudio y de mi parte .

FDA there is been a problem with  Chicken jerkey made in China where 300 dogs die and the FDA havent done any thing so if you have a dog check your dog food dont get stuff made in china more then    2000 dogs have got sick almost about to die so guys be carefull ///////////////////////////////////////////

aca en USA mas de 2,000 perros se han enfermado y mas de 300 han muerto en el ultimo mes por los bacon y comida que proviene de china asi que para nosotros que tenemos perros miren la comida y no se la den a sus perros no compren comida que viene de china .

I was In DC this last weekend , I got to say that I was so  Impress that it was so clean and how International Dc its . I guess from seen other states I never Imagine that its so cultural in Dc but it makes scenes its the capital of this country and its was spectacular  , I really enjoy my stay in DC and Ill be going back in a flash . its my favorite city in USA not the world but in USA . ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Este fin de semana estube por DC nunca habia hido y tengo que decir que me gusto mucho , nunca pense que seria tan limpio  e Internacional , nunca lo esperaba ya que cuando uno visita otros estados que no tienen nada de cultura pues uno piensa que todo el pais es asi pero claro esta es la capital de USA asi que la ciudad es bien limpia y la cantidad de culturas y  la gente se ve tan educada me encanto es mi ciudad favorita en USA no en el mundo , pero si de USA me encanta DC y espero ir pronto .

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Los Angeles in August
New York end of August
DC end of August

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