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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Las vegas , food and magazines , next travel NY SF and PALM SP.

Lucas and Biaggi

I just got back from las vegas nevada this morning it was a long trip to much work but fun . I flew to film with I meet several models like my friend Nick morreti and chad brock from Treasure Island media and Lucas Bondi a very sexy Italian model base in california he its so sexy and fun he was my roommate in Las vegas and we film together and it was one of my favorite scene of all times . we all had a great time at dinner and visiting all the hotels . the only thing its that Vegas its a little tacky but fun . and dont leave the strip where all the big hotels are because it can be a little scary ja ja ja its like hollywood . well I had fun and no didnt won any money in the casinojust lost money LOM oh well . I want to Thank Rey he work at the MGM hotel and gave me a front seat for circ dusoleil KA its was great so thanks so much .

behind the scenes at the bleu moon hotel

walking in the airport I never talk about how bad some airports are the food its really trash last night the only thing open was Burgerking really what can be worst then that they close the shops early and then the magazines selection its Bad magazines that put in the cover celebrity without make up really who cares , or tips to look like that celebrity ok I dont care to look like any celebrity I look like me and that it this magazines are lame and the food at the airports its a F------ .

My next trip Ill be in New York filming for a few Studios one that Im trill its treasure Island media since the scene it will be one of the best for me because it will be outdoors in new York that sounds like fun
Ill be in New York April 8 to 12
then San Francisco April 22 to 25
and then May 4 to 6 in Palm Spring for blatino weekend Ill be working with black rayne production

yes I still work in a restaurant in fort Lauderdale its not in wilton mannor , and I like that work its different and I m having a new experience in a different field
I did this cake for a great friend david he has a band the cake was not finnish at that point but you get the Idea . happy birth Day david