Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Friday, March 23, 2012

New Lucas Cover , Im taking a Breack from the Industry and my brother

I just got back from a 3 week travel to Puerto Rico Toronto and barcelona it was great I did film with Macho Fucker and it was great I always have fun in Barcelona and in Puerto Rico . well My next travel Plans are :
Las vegas April 1 to 5 then
new York April 9 to 14
San Francisco April 18 to 23

My roommate work in a strippers club here in Florida where the Dancers have to pay in oder to work at the bar that is Crazzzzzzzy , If I remember the clubs have to pay the Dancers to work not the other way , all I know is that if they don't pay me I don't Dance , and I guess that why they get all kind of Crack heads in that club . when I go to a Dance Club I like to see some sexy guys dancing .

Im Honored that LUcas Entertainment put me in The Cover of there New Movie Im very Happy since other Studios that I wont say names they Always gave me excuses to not put me in the cover and now I been in so many covers , specially in a Lucas one that is great , hope you all enjoy my new Movie with Lucas its a great movie . and I have a few more movies coming out .
I have too Say that I will be taking a break from the Industry very soon I had 4 great years almost 5 and I guess its Time for me to take a Break . Thanks to Michael Lucas and to Spunk videos and Red Stag videos , Dark alley and all the others that I work with , I believe I will take my Break in July when I become 5 years in the Industry I m very Happy but I have Other Plans .

Like I said in the Paragraph before I will be taking a Break in the next couple of month I been almost 5 years in the Industry and I ll be working in a Restaurant where I work now I cook for a restaurant in fort lauderdale and Im very Happy there its a New Chapter of my Life and I want to give my 200% in this new adventure .

I will still have my Blog and I still have my facebook page : Antonio Biaggi Segundo
there is a fan Page in facebook Antonio biaggi just press Like I post videos 2 or 3 per months

My brother he finally got his case solved he came out OK so No more Jail in georia for him he will Still be in The Army with full Pension from the Army the case was in favor to Him he did nothing wrong . I feel sad for All the Other soldiers that are going by the same experience that my Brother had , I think its bull shit from the ARmy to use soldiers and then leave them with no help and give them a trial so they dont give them a pension , if they went to war and get injure , fisicaly or mentaly they should get the help they need , PSD its a Post Dramatic stress that they get when they come from war and we have to help them and there in many of them in jail , to the US Army I give them a F- for this but thanks that my brother its out and this sunday will be back in Puerto Rico .

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

trips , Canada , Roman ragazii

wow long weeks I went to Puerto Rico and its was a great week went we 3 friends and we did the tourist stuff and we did a great softball game to get money for my brothers Layer we had fun , thanks for every one that supported us and I had a great show in the club Babylon it was so much fun I know it toke for ever it started late but I end up naked it was fun .
the I went for one day to fort lauderdale less then 24 hours to get to Toronto Canada . long trip my flight was delay for 3 hours I got in Canada at 3 Am then the bitch from Customs didnt want to let me go in the country I was angry and she said ( you are Emigrant in this continent you cant work here ) ok this came from a Korean women I said really because my Family is been in this continent for more then 7 generations then she said I mean canada , well I just keep to my salf this bitch from Asia come to america and then she tells me that Im a Emigrant ja ja ja wow well after one hour thy let me go in the country .Toronto was cold and I had a great week of filming 3 scenes , I went to a store in the gay area and found a greatting card with my photo it was very funny to see that . and now Im in florida just for 36 hours and tomorrow I ll be taking my flight to Barcelona Spain .

so Tomorrow Ill be in Barcelona Spain and Next month
April 1 to 5 Ill be in Vegas and
april 13 to 16 in New York

SO Canada I have to say a very nice city but I dont know what is typical Canadian food , all I saw was asian food thai sushi and Korean .I suggest that they should preserve there food and therearts I did not found any nice souvenir in canada I think they should have more stores with traditional products from Canada made in canada all I saw was stuff from china and made over seas the rest of the city I actually like the Toronto city all the hightland park and the casa loma and CN tower very nice .

Im very Sad when I was in Canada one of the models said that Roman Ragazzi kill him self I think its very sad that there is always a Drama in the porn industry he was a porn actor that I meet a wild ago when I did my first movie and he had a great career in the Israel consulate then they found out that he did porn and he lost his job then he kill him self I have to say that its very Sad , RIP Roman Ragazii .