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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nude in castro , Walmart not good , other trips , Happy Thanksgiving

My tree this year and yes I also got a Menorah so happy Holidays

Wallmart finally uncover

For years I been protesting against this mega store that portrait as been friendly and good for the city , but reality is that they don't treat there employ's right and as a small business Owner its not good for the small guys , There is no more little pet shops , no more Flower shops , no little bakery or Hardwear stores they have kill all this small business and then they don't pay there employs a good salary and no health care , now finally the employs are on strike and Im happy that people are waking up because the reality of most of this business its that they are not good for the small business . those mega store aren't good and I include target and Sam's or any other of those mega  stores . they become mega rich and the town people stay in the same economic situation and worst because kills the small business that they cant afford to compete with there prices , one more time most of there stuff its from China and poor quality we have to start shopping for products made in USA or other countries that are in other continents , and we got to buy Products that are good quality and last longer in that way we actually save money and we are been eco friendly its the correct way , so this Holiday shop your Local small business that will help the economy more then anything .Even food Shop for local products that will help our economy .
Por fin la realidad a salido los empleados de Walmart estan en protesta , Que bueno yo llevo anos hablando de esto y por eso no compro en esas tiendas yo como pequeno comerciante que e sido y soy estas mega tiendas no son buenas como ellas se proyectan y que "  Amigos de tu ciudad" amigo es un Dolar en el bolsillo . estas tiendas aruinan a los pequenos comerciantes , Las floristerias que han desaparesido , las reposterias , las fereterias y las tiendas para mascotas todas estas y muchos otros negocios van desapareciendo ya que no pueden competir y luego ellos emplean a mucha gente que luego les pagan una miseria y casi nada de beneficios , dejando las ciudades  peor economicamente y los duenos de estas mega tiendas se hacen mega millonarios y no aportan en nada a las ciudades , por eso Tiendas como target , Walmart ,Sam's , Costco y varias otras no son buenas para nosotros , los comerciantes pequenos se preocupan mas por sus ciudades . Tambien la calidad de estos productos son malos de china son pura porqueria y no aportan en nuestra economia , debemos comprar productos hechos en nuestros paises o en otros continentes ya que todo el dinero va a Asia y nada a otros pises no es bueno para una economia saludable debemos de apoyar los negocios pequenos y dejar de comprar porquerias de china , esatas festividades miren la etiqueta y apoyen los productos locales incluso cuando compren comida miren de donde viene .

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all

Next Trips :
San Francisco   Nov 28 to 30
Los Angeles      Dec 1 and 2
Texas Houston  Dec 3 to 6
New York         Dec 9 to 12
Puerto Rico        Dec 24 to 27

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    NUDE in castro

    well I live in San francisco for a little more then 3 years most of the time I had a store in Castro and I got to say that I saw this guys naked all the time in the Castro half of my store was for kids and I Always had Kids and there parents shopping , the nude people its not why the Castro merchants are having economy Problem that area first its all bars and Porn shops people don't go to shop there and really most people don't actually care for those guys shopping there I seen many tourist that take photos with the naked guys and they dont mind , The problem its a little group of conservatives that don;t even live in the area and have a little of power and because they are sexually frustrated they don't want other people to be happy . The Human Body its Nice and normal , but some people are a shame of there body oh well , I have to say I agree that I really don't want to see some of them its not hot but every one should mind them selves , and let others be .
    desnudo en San Francisco
    yo tenia negocio y vivi en San Francisco por muchos anos y tengo que desir que estas personas caminando desnudos en castro a nadie les molesta incluso los turistas se sacen fotos con ellos . el problema es uno o dos conservadores que tienen un poco de poder y estan frustrados con sus cuerpos y por eso ahora no quieren gente caminando desnudos en esa area . el cuerpo humano no es malo como les hacen pensar a muchos , algunas personas piensan que el cuerpo humano es feo y estan frustrados pero deben dejar a los demas vivir si quieren estar desnudos dejenlos la ley los a protegido por muchos anos y ahora quieren cambiar esto por 2 idiotas conservadores . La calle castro es todo bares y tiendas porno y ahora quieren ser conservadore sja ja ja que estupidos son , si es cierto que aveces sol los tipos que no quiero ver desnudo pero no me afectan en nada . la mitad de mi  negocio era de ninos y bebes y siempre tenia ninos y heteros con sus bebes y a ellos no les importaba estos tipos desnudos asi que gente si no les gusta miren para el otro lado .



    Thommy said...

    Hi - I´m a fan from Germany. I love your films, follow your blog and I just want to say, that you are hot AND sympathetic!!!
    Many kind regards,

    will said...

    Hi , I truly love your videos, & I'm wondering if you have any photos of your bare feet, if so how can I find them? I hope you can help me, & please continue to be one of the best, if not the best in the business!!! Will.

    Renato Salcides said...

    I see movies TIM long ago, and I fell in love when I saw you, you are the best of all, do not let her escape a movie. I hope one day come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be a pleasure to be your guide in my city, congratulations and success always Renato Salcides ( Do you have a Facebook?