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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pride no so proud

facebook page : Antonio BIaggi Segundo

I was in New York pride and I got to say that I was not that happy about it and then I walk trough the 5 ave , and the amount of trash that I saw does not speak well of the gay community I dont think that the gay people that walk in the parade , knows that the parade and what we do speaks for the community and the representation that the gays are a bunch of pigs its ok to have fun but New York has trash bin in every corner we dont have to be such of pigs  at least not in the street ( in bed its ok , ja ja ja )  well that was sad to see but the worst was when I got to Florida .

I just got back last night and a friend  send me a photo of Gay pride fort lauderdale Im sorry but this photo got me angry , I have my 2 best friend that use cocaine all the time even in front of me but we are in the house or in the car or they go to the Bathroom , but to use cocaine in a float in the gay pride  that is not ok all the straight people most be thinking how fucked up is all this fagots  do we have to show  this kind of  shit to the world that does not speak well of the rest of us . I dont care like I said if you do it in your house but not in Pride where the world its looking at us and  most people wont agree with us that is not ok and the people that organize the parade are  guilty about allowing this .

Just a few minutes ago my roommate told me that the guy in the photo was a porn actor Dallas reeves , Im so a shame that that peace of shit did that in front of the multitude .does not only speak bad of the gays but of the porn actors . what a fucking ass hole .


shame on you reeves

acabo de llegar a Florida en New York estuve en la parada gay y camine por la 5 avenida despues de la parada y me dio verguenza que los maricones somos tan puercos , como hemos dejado la ciudad de asquerosa cono gente NY tiene safacones en cada esquina que ejemplo le damos al mundo , esta bien que seamos puercos en la cama ja ja ja pero no en la calle . creo que muchas de las locas que partisipan en la parada se les olvida que estan representando la comunidad gay y esto no habla bien de nosotros .

pero lo peor fue esta manana cuando llegue de NY me levanto un amigo me envia una foto que me acaba de joder el dia , osea este maricon usando cocaina en una flota de la parada , que mal mis mejores amigos usan cocaina frente a mi pero estamos en la casa  , en el carro o ellos se van al bano  pero en todos estos anos ellos no lo hacen en la calle frente a la multitud esto esta cabron es la peor imagen de la comunidad no me imagino que los heterosexuales pensaran de nosotros muy muy mal .

para completar mi roommate me dijo hace unosminutos que el que lo hiso es un actor orno se llama Dallas reeves que se ve hororoso esta fea la loca y pa colmo da una imagen mal para los gay y para los actores porno  , que  muchos piensan mal de nosotros ahora mucho mas . que loca mas cabrona , los culpables son los que organizan la parada que permiten imagenes como esta .


AntonioBiaggiSegundo on facebook said...

for those talking about me people learn to read its not about using drugs its where it happen and when . and me doing BB movies, I also do safe movies still , but you dont see me in a float in gay pride having Bareback sex in front of millions . people learn to read . I have never said Im a saint but there is a place for every thing /////// ////////lean bien el blog esto no es hacerca de los que usan drogas esto es hacerca de dondo ocurrio y como paso yo no tengo problema con que usen drogas pero si en donde ocurrio y el que yo aga peliculas BB y todavia ago peliculas con condon no tiene nada que ver nadie me ve a mi en una carrosa de una parada gay teniendo sexo frente a millones de esto es que se trata el blog que puse hoy lean bien , yo no soy un santo pero hay sus lugares para todo .

Seaguypnp said...

The people who run gay pride should not be blamed for the actions of two idiots who could not wait until the end of the parade to do their bump of cocaine. And anyone who see's that photo and assumes that is how all gay pride events are is stupid and needs to get their head checked. If you see a black person smoking crack on the corner you don't then just assume all black people smoke crack, so the same should go for this. The actions of two stupid individuals were there own!

Simo9jo said...

Honestly, who cares what the straight people are going to think of us? Isn't that part of the point of pride? Anyone stupid enough to think one person is representative of an entire group is an idiot any way.

It's ok to think his actions were inappropriate, but not for the sake of pandering to morons.

AntonioBiaggiSegundo on facebook said...

one more time read I don't care about the straight adults its about there kids that where there and gay pride its not about been a Idiot its a Platform to ask for equality and to people understand the community read history of gay pride its not just a party day its more then that .
Sean guy PNP I know I cant blame the people that Organizers but they should have rules and restrictions of what can happen in a float .

Gerard Cortez said...

Hola guapo, me acabo de enterar que tienes un blog y me encanta. Dice mucho de ti. Tengo 22 años y siempre he sido tu súper fan, eres increíble! jaja... Soy Venezolano y vivo en madrid... Así que cuando pases por aqui puedes sentirte libre de escribirme y te invito a cenar o te muestro la ciudad (Seria un sueño) Aqui te dejo mi blog y mi email said...

I wrote this because I was horrified to hear what some people were doing to their spouse, partner or significant other's service animals and pets:

Seppi said...

Dear Antonio,
I am so proud of your stance on this issue. I just watched the short video you did and it shows your passion about this. Keep up the good fight!

Red said...

oh antonio dude, u are soooo boyfriend/husband material to me BIG TIME now. I never had a doubt before but this just sent u through the ozone layer. u have a great heart and beautiful mind. u keep that up and I'm gonna have to....well u know. keep up the awesome work baby! and fuck those assholes who are trying to hate on u for pointing out something that's bad for our community.