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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Next show in a club and other things

I will have my first presentation in Puerto Rico in the club Babylon will be giving away movies and it will be fun for sure . thanks to Michael Lucas entertainment and Raw so february 24 at that club in rio Piedras san juan . //// estare en Puerto Rico febrero 24 en el club babylon estare regalando peliculas y conpartiendo con mis fan los espero las peliculas gracias a y michael Lucas entertainment .

I been traveling alot I was in New york 2 times in january filming with dark alley and Michael Lucas and then I went to LA I really had a good month and Im now at home just relaxing and working in a restaurant as a cook I do deserts and doing my new line of jewelry for women . ///// e estado viajando mucho en enero viaje a New York para filmar con michael lucas y Dark alley , ahora estoy en Florida trabajando en un restaurante cosinando postres y trabajando en mi nueva coleccion de joyeria para mujeres .

thanks to Richard for this poster I love it

Today super Bowl now what t he fuck its the supper bowl its just 2 minutes of a weird game and 3 hours of stupid commercialsthat most of us will not ever buy any of those shit that they promote
I didn't grow up with that game foot ball I think its only in USA I dont like to see all those fat steroid guys and they call that game football when they just run with a ball in there arms soccer should be the real football . well boring sunday every one in that stupid game but I went to the movies .
Hoy super bowl este estupido juejo en en USA llamas football pero no usan los pies solo cargan la bola en las manos el deporte que debe tener ese nombre de football es el soccer , y todas esas horas son 3 minutos de juego y solo 3 horas de comerciales
por favor comerciales que muchos ni compraremos lo que anuncian y son comerciales estupidos .bueno hoy solo fuy al cine y ver televicion nada de ese juego .

thanks to does that ask for my brither he is ok still in jail will have his court case next month in march , 3 month in jail and the army haven't press charges yet wow that is the US Army , thats how they treat people that work in Irak and in the Army for 10 years . very bad USA army
and my mother just had her last surgery from the bacteria that she got when she food poison in georgia last year that perforated her intestines she its fine now after 8 months of hospital and surgery .


ManDrag said...

Good to know your mother is doing fine. Unfortunaly your brother is still in Jail. Hope justice will be done and he get out soon and well.
Glad to know your doin' well and working happily. I hope it's meens you've recovered from your ear problems.


Petit C. said...

It pains me to hear about your brother, especially your mom and all that she's been through. 8 months of hospitalization, in a country that can't even provide free health care to its citizens! I just keep all my hopes high for you and your family. Family is very important. BTW I'm not into watersports, but I love that pic of yours :P

Dave said...

Best wishes for your brother. How sickening how the military treats its own. Disgusting. Glad your mom is ok now, too! xo

Ziggy said...

I hope Mom & your brother are well as of this writing. Any updates on their situations?

Anonymous said...

xoxoxo wish you all well