Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas , new trips more facebook

I just Had a great time in my christmas party in my house with 20 friends its was a great night fun and relax , I spend all day prep dinner and decorating . then on the 24 I left to send 2 days in Key west it was a very relax weekend in a nice hotel , it was nice to see the nice houses and places in the keys . santa was great with me this year I got a great time with my friends .

Ill be in New York
January 3 to 7

Hoston Texas
January 11 to 14

then Ill be in Los Angeles and San Francisco
January 20 to 27
January 25 Ill be in the club Mikeys in Los Angeles for a apperance

sorry London Ill be in february sorry for the change of this trip

Facebook my face book page is been a little crazy I m sorry I had to turn off the computer since my mac got frozen when in a minute I got 90 emails and then was 120 chats to much sorry for not responding .
my page is Antonio Biaggi Davila since at 5,000 stops Ill ha>ve to use a second facebook page Antonio J Biaggi D

my brother still in jail waiting for trial as many know but his story was in the news and news paper in Puerto Rico Today people have to learn about what is happening to soldiers in USA .

now I shop a little during christmas mostly for family now how important are the gifts during christmas , well they really are not that important I rather spend time with friends and family they getting a fisical gift . now black friday a day that business put products on sale , I saw this year people that spray people in the face fight and puch people to get the most stupid and non important gifts they where fights for 10 dollar stuff that is tacky , any way I been going to stores and they have had great sales almost every week and even better then that day . the other thing that I don't get it stores like macys that every week they have a sale every saturday its the big sale in that store why people bother to fight when all year around its a saturday sale . PS I don't really care for gifts I rather have a great company of people that are inteligent and nice specially humble
well I still have new year and the 3 wise men so christmas still on

merry christmas to all , happy hanukkah and hope you all have a great New Year

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OMG what the fuck , upcoming trips and Facebook

OMG what the fuck
I just went to Puerto Rico I landed in florida today , I got to say that I had a great week over there .
now I felt embarrassed perplex when one of my friends send me a photo that is boss at work send him then another friend show me the same photo that is straight married girl friend send him the photo and at the moment that he was talking about the photo a friend from New York send me a text that his cousin in Puerto Rico send him the photo dose n't show my face but I got to say that straight and gay people all over the Island have got that its crazy I got about 7 people that told me about the photo .I was perplex when I first new about this photo .
over all I had a great time with my family and friends
I went to a circus with my 2 nieces and the clowns choose me to go on stage and make fun of me it was funny I had to dance YMCA and I forgot ja ja ja o well it was great that my little nieces saw there uncle been ridicule on stage at a circus .

next Atlanta Georgia Ill be filming a movie this weekend december 16 to 18

January 3 to 7 in New York

January 10 to 14 in London

my facebook page is Antonio Biaggi Davila and soon I will got to use
my second page Antonio J biaggi D since the first page almost got 5,000 fans
Ill be using both pages I hope people understand that I try to respond and chat but sometimes I get 200 emails a day plus 40 to 60 people chatting at the same time Ill try to respond to all and I still have space in Antonio biaggi Davila


Acabo d eregresar de Puerto Rico y tengo que decir que fue muy bueno pero varios amigos me contaron de una foto que esta circulando y muchos de sus companeros de trabajo y personas en general estan resiviendo esta foto como 7 de mis amigos me dijeron y me la ensenaron yo me quede perplejo y un poco de bochorno no se por que pero como hasta mujeres casadas tenian la foto me quede atonito con esto , no se ve mi cara menos mal pero es un mensaje de navidad que estan enviando a todos alla en Puerto rico.
fui a un circo con mis sobrinas y el payaso me escojio para hacer el ridiculo en la tarima , tuve que bailar la cancion YMCA y hasta se me olvido , pero apesar del bochorno me gusto ver mis sobrinas reirse de su tio en un circo .

mi pagina de face book esta casui llena de fans gracias a todos pero por esto tendre que comensar pronto a usar la segunda pagina de facebook . mi actual pagina es Antonio Biaggi davila , la segunda pagina que la usare desde el ano que viene es Antonio J biaggi D , si voy a tener que escribir en hambas pagina asi que espero que sean un poco mas comprensibles con migo soy solo uno y aveces resivo hasta 200 emails en un dia y de 40 a 60 personas que quieren chatear cuando tenga 2 facebook sera peor asi que espero que me comprendan Gracias