Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HIV is so 80's its about cancer now ,Muscular Dystrophy what happen and world HIV day

The World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in 1988 .
I just happen to see a episode of south park a comic , that I love the show Cartman gets HIV he does a charity and no one show up to the charity Cartman's mom ask the waitress why people haven't show up and she said HIV its 80 and 90's now people go to Cancer charities only .
that episode make me think its true now I only see pink ribbons every where even a christmas ornament in a shape of a pink ribbon , lip balms , flowers , drinks and hats , every think every where its pink . It seems like the world forgot that there is close to 50 million people with HIV .
I dont see red ribbons any more I think this has to change since we all have a friend , family or a Boy friend with HIV so I think we all should start to think about HIV and Cancer equal . I know people and family that had cancer and HIV I guess we cant pick and choose the Disease that has the Importance now a Days I think they are all Important . I would love to see more red ribbons .Tomorrow December 1 is the world wide day for Awareness of HIV this is equal important to Gay and heterosexual people and kids there is some 1 million kids with HIV now a days .
and Just remember its not the end of the world I have friends that have HIV for 17 and 20 years and They take pills and have great lives I support them and I support my other friends and my grandmother that had cancer and survive lets support both diseases .

cartman when he had HIV

Another Problem that we have forgot its Jerry's kids , I remember the big charity with all the celebrity's and now I haven't heard any thing about that charity I guess that kids Muscular Dystrophy association its another disease from the *0's or 90's .

My Face book page its Antonio Biaggi Davila

Manana deciembre 1 es el dia mundial para crear conciencia hacerca el virus HIV
ayer vi unas comicas de South park en la cual uno de los personajes contrae HIV atravez de una operacion , luego hacen un evento para recaudar dinnero para Cartman nadie asistio , la madre de cartmant le pregunta a la mesera si esperan a que las personas lleguen ella le responde la gento no viene a eventos para HIV pues es una enfermedad de los 80 y 90 ahora todo el mundo le importa el cancer solamente .
me puse a pensar y si yo e notado que los ultimos anos uno no ve cintas rojas ahora todo es cintas rosas por cancer . hay flores , lociones labial , ornamentos de navidad , gorras , y hasta postres en honor al Cancer . y no se ve nada en Honor al HIV
quien deside que enfermedad tiene mas prioridad .
todos tenemos amigos , familia , parejas y companeros de trabajo con HIV y con Cancer
creo que hambas deben tener igual importancia
yo tengo amistades y e tenido parejas con HIV y e tenido amigos y familia con Cancer incluyendo mi abuela que sobrevivio y me gustaria ver mas cintas rojas y apoyo al HIV una condicion pues no es una enfermedad es una condicion que te hace suseptible a enfermedades y tanto Homosexuales como heterosexuales y ninos ya que hay mas de 1 millon de ninos con el virus es una enfermedad que debemos de volver a tomar conciencia por esta enfermedad .

Lo otro que yo no veo mas el eventos para Distrofia Muscular antes artistas y companias grandes hacian eventos para los ninos con distrofia muscular ya no se sabe nada ni se ven eventos para esta condicion .

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Friday, November 25, 2011

My brother is a soldier in jail by mistake and is a Metal health patient!/pages/Saquen-a-MIchael-Melecio-soldado-pasiente-mental-que-esta-preso-por-eror/180354232057640?sk=friendactivity

My brother have been in the Army for 10 years he is a medic and deactivate the bombs in Irak . After 2 years his 2 best friends where kill in a bomb and my brother became mental ill from this . the send him to Geogia to a military base to get treatment , a treatment that have been the work thing that can happen to him his been bully they stole his computer 3 cell phones they have make his life impossible and the deny him the right to have a pension . do to this they put him in jail when his Doctor was on Vacation and the military base didn't have a jail so they put him in a regular jail in Georgia is been 3 weeks and they haven't press charges because he did nothing , the base in Puerto Rico they did not even know that my brother was in jail and they have been trying to find out why he is in jain in Georgia they haven't been able to know why he is in jail and they haven't help him yet .
All my familly want is my brother back in puerto Rico for the holly days .
they have abuse my brother for months and they promise him every month that he was going back to his daughters every month and then they deny him every single time this is not the wsy to treat a men that have serve in the Armmy and the Police for 10 years and is a great Doctor .
every one go to a like that I post in my facebook page and just press like
thanks facebook Antonio Biaggi Davila!/pages/Saquen-a-MIchael-Melecio-soldado-pasiente-mental-que-esta-preso-por-eror/180354232057640?sk=friendactivity

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spain and NY trip

just got back from barcelona I film 2 new movies with macho fucker its was good I love Barcelona but it was raining and cold every day thats I was there .but I had fun as always I love spain . I had a great time in Spain and I went to a cat shelter and a guri hindu prosetion on a sunday morning in las ramblas it was fun .
then I went to New York for a charity porn bingo for the bronx GLBT center it was good and fun with will clark the host of porn bingo but one more time New York was raining and cold . thanks to all the poeple that help every week they do a different charity and the bingo just google will clark porn bingo he does a great work for the comunity .

When I was in Spain I went to a club and there was this guy that sat on a chair and spend the time on Grandr , now why would you get in GRANDR if there is so many hot guys around itsso stupid . forget the tecnology and just look around Im sure that you will get a better guy and you can see the hole real package in person some times they dont look like there photos , so dont be so socially fuckedup and socialize with others around you .

On my way to Spain I had a conection in Portugal for a few hours then the airplain got in the gate and the tire broke so we had to wait to more hours untill the fix the tire then after waiting for 9 hours plus those extra 2 hours we finally got in the plane and when we got to the runway the airplain broke again so we had to leave the plane and wait more hours untill the got another plane fron another city so 19 hours in Portugal I hate that airport .

I guess I have to say Happy thanks giving to all hope we all have a great holiday Ill be at home in florida and I will cook for a few friends .
I started shopping for christmas ornaments some made with recycle glass and other eco products . and use less rapping paper and bows its more eco .

I hope if anyone is getting a pet go to a shelter and get a pet there is so many great dogs and cats in the shelters waiting for a second chance.

My next trip its Puerto Rico November 6 to 12
Brazil in january
New York in January

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween , MY trip to LA .and NY and a teacher had sex with 5 17 year old bull shit .

I had a great weekend last week I had several party's and 4 costumes , yes it was a great fun week here in fort Lauderdale .
my party was good only that it was raining that day .
My boxing class its all good , I been pair with a mexican guy and we have punch each other a few time I love it . I know many thing its crazy but I like the fight boxing its a great exercise and fun and the plus some really hot men in the class.

one of my halloween costumes

in Santa Monica beach for a walk

I was in LA this week and it was a good week I film 3 movies with and I got to say they where good scenes specialy the last one last night with a sexy latino guy . I stay in a hotel in West Hollywood and the cabana next to mine happens to be my friend Porn Actor Michael Brandon , he has a new Lube call 9x6 and he gave me a bottle I have to say it was good lube ja ja ja . the Hotel as always was fun I been staying in the same hotel for many years and I love that many guys came to me asking my name and they say you look familiar but they never new that it was because of porn , I guess I do look a little different in person . then I meet my 2 girl friends in LA and we went to see a new movie from my Favorite Director Almodovar the movie was amazing as all his movies and fun . this trip I went to santa monica to walk I live that area its full of creative people .

michael Brandon and ME with a bottle of his new lube

My next trip its to Barcelona this next week nov 8 to 12
and then Nov 15 to 18 to New York

My trip to New York Ill be doing a Charity event at a bar Pieces Nov 16 at 8 pm hope to see some fan at the bar at porn Bingo and help to raise some money .

Teacher rape 5 17 years old ja ja ja dont make me laugh

Now I have to talk about a case that I saw in the new a teacher had sex with 5 17 year old students and the parents of the 17 years old men say that they are traumatic , ja ja ja dont make me pee my self . ok the teacher should not have sex with her students that its wrong , now I dont think that those guy are that Dramatize because they had sex with there teacher Please people get real at that age they know what they are doing and I sure they just had fun . What is wrong in this country at 16 you can get a gun , a drivers license and some states you can get married and drink now you cant have sex really . when the Law can say this is good for this age and this is not . Now if the boys where 10 or 12 its different but we are talking about 17 years many have sex since there are 12 I had sex when I was 10 same many of my friends where 10 and 12 so I guess the new the media its killing this teacher for a stupid reason and the parents cant be that stupid blind there teen men are not that innocent .
we have had in this country many cases or 15 , 16 and 17 year old that have rape women and girls so what the fuck are wqe talking all because its a teacher that its the difference .

I been ok this week my brother as many know is been in the army for a few years his 2 friends die in a bomb in Irak , he got traumatize because of the lost and the bomb and he has been going trough months of therapy and have been many abuse to his from the Army now they stole his computer , they told him to quit and that he wont resive his pension because he dose not deserve it , wow some one that serve for years in the Army for this country and was a healthy men now that he has mental problems the Army wants to not help him this happens all the time and now Illegally they put him in a regular jail , when that is clearly Illegal do to his mental status and that he is in the Army this has to stop and this have been hard for my mom and me its not good , but I have to keep working and hope that some senators finally help my brother and my mom and this night mare stops . he is a good guy that just wants to be with his daughters that he haven't seen in long time and he serve well in this country .


estuve en Los Angeles California filme 2 peliculas nuevas para
la pase muy bien 2 chicos me preguntaron mi nombre y me decias es que te pareces a alguien y yo me e reido mucho parece que no me veo igual que en las peliculas , ja ja ja pero fue un viaje muy bueno y relajante camine por las playa de santa monica y por un parque cerca del observatorio en Hollywood .

esta semana Nov 10 al 14 estare en Barcelona Espana
la semana que Viene Nov 15 al 18 estare En New York
y estare haciento un Charity en el bar Pieces en NY espero que mis fas de NY pasen por el bar juguemos bingo y ayudamos a buenas causas .

E Visto un caso que me impacto esta semana pasada de una maestra que tuvo sexo con 5 estudiantes de 17 anos , bueno lo primero que voy a decir es que mal de ella al tener sexo con sus estudiantes pero al mismo tiempo no son ninos de 6 o 12 anos tiene 17 anos , los padres dicen que los jovenes estan afectados bueno eso no lo creo ya que a los 17 los jovenes varones es parte de muchas culturas ya a los 14 estan teniendo sexo y a los 17 ellos saben lo que hacen ademas a los 16 anos pueden conducir un carro y beber alcohol y hasta casarse pero no pueden tener sexo , por favor este pais y esta mal osea para unas cosas son ninos para otras son adultos quien define cuando el legal e ilegal hacer todas estas cosas . quien deside?