Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Disease on people . , Mask charity Ball , Cosmopolitan/sex/teens y ahora el Blog en Espanol

Disease of people the fucking cell phones :
I love a cell phone but do we have to be on the stupid fun all the time , I seen people on a date and they both are texting and in there phones instead of giving the attention to the person that is siting with you at the restaurants they don't even talk the entire dinner , really if I go to dinner and a friend or a date gets his phone out the date is over , there is time for business and to enjoy the people around you . Yes for me the Cell phone is a Disease of this society .
the computer is great I got one at home but I don't travel with the computer and I enter a coffee shop that about 11 guys where all in there computer and no one talk to the others , I guess computers have made people antisocial , in other countries you go to a coffee shop and people that don't know you talk to you here in USA no body will talk to you , I guess technology is great but we all have abuse the tech and know we are more socially fucked up .
PS Im sorry that Steve Jobs die but , he did improve the computers but, he did not invented the computers I think people have gone over board with his dead . get over it .Charles Babbage from Englan arround 1812 invented the first computer like , so I think we all should give more attention to History and not to a Guy that made a bunch of stupid people change there phones and computers every 4 months ja ja ja ,
Today I went with a friend to buy a iphone and there was a line really that is fucking stupid I dont do lines and Def.... not for a stupid phone that in 4 month will be a new one

Getting ready for my next trip to Barcelona this week
Ill be filming 2 new movies with Macho fucker
then Ill be in New York November 1 to 5 and
Los Angeles November 15 to 19

I just donated a collection of my movies to a Option for the Leather Mask ball in fort Lauderdale November 25 , leather its a most so I m glad I can help my leather and gay community here in fort Lauderdale. I sure the person that buys is will have fun. I will try to go since I hope to spend thanks giving in Puerto rico and this is the day after so I will try to be there . I cant wait to see sexy guys dress in Leather .Money go to care resources and pride center and Leather museum and others , this year most of the money goes to Gay teen suicide prevention .


I dont Understand people in USA they dont want to talk about sex to there kids and its a big taboo . they don't even allow schools to teach about sex but in the other hand I just saw a girl buying a cosmopolitan magazine that the cover say "10 sex secrets of men " , ok who wrote this article probably a stupid women that has no actual clue of sex and then this girl and who knows how many more will learn this stupid tips that this magazines write , should this kind of magazine should be like a porn magazine and sold to some age or should you all stupid conservative people let your kids learn at home and school the real tips of sex . now what is a good age 10 , 11 or 13 some are having sex at that age anyway so why not teach them and in that way they wont do the stupid shit that happens with teens .

Congrats to Honduras they just got wind power for the first 100,000 houses in the most poor country in center america and USA still insist in doing a Nuclear plant , Good for Honduras that is great for the environment and make them look more civilize the USA

Visit my facebook page Antonio Biaggi Davila .
I have another one that I have incase I got my maine page cancel so its Antonio J Biaggi D


La enfermedad de esta sociedad . los malditos celulares todo estan todo el tiempo en el jodio celular , incluso he visto amistades y parejas en restaurantes y todos estan en el celular texteando o buscando pendejases y no se hablan uno a los otros . si yo salgo con alguien y la persona saca el maldito celu en la mesa la cita se termina inmediata menete , es una falta de respeto uno debe de prestar atencion a la persona que esta al lado de uno .
La computadora es otro problema aca en Estados Unidos van a una cafeteria y todos estan en la computadora nadie le habla a nadie , cuando e viajado a ootros paises la gente te habla incluso sin conocerte , las computadoras portatiles son un mal en nuestra sociedad y a echo a muchas personas antisociales .yo mi computadora la deo en casa y no la llevo a ningun lugar asi debe de ser .
Steve jobs el creador de apple murio no hace mucho pero aqui no se porque le dan tanta inportancia a el si el mejoro la tecnologia pero el no fue el que invento las computadoras creo que debemos prestar mas atencion a los verdaderos creadores y personas que realmente son importantes para nuestra sociedad y no en personas que se aprovechan como apple que cada 4 meses salen con un telefono o computadora o cualquier otra mierda nueva y la gente a gastar dinero de mas pues muchas veces la diferencia es nada entre un celular y el otro .
Charles Babbage este senor es el que debemos agradecer y dar importancia ya que en 1812 creo la primera calculadora que dio paso a las computadoras .

Esta semana estare en Barcelona filmando con macho Fucker luego estare en
New York Noviembre 1 al 5 y
Los Angeles california Noviembre 15 al 19

Acabo de hacer una donacion de varias de mis peliculas para el Leather Ball de mascaras en fort lauderdale sera Noviembre 25 el dia despues de accion de gracias y espero que esto pueda ayudar a reacudar algo de dinero , los fondos son donados para el pride center y la biblioteca y el museo de Leather y otras organisaciones de la comunidad gay y leather en florida. este ano la mayor parte de los fondos iran al centro de prevencion suisida de jovenes homosexuales.

Felicidades a Honduras al poner los molinos de viento que producen enrgia para 100,000 casas esto hace ver a USA como Idiotas que quieren hacer una planta nuclear cuando el resto del mundo incluso uno de los paises mas pobres en centro america como lo es Honduras estas siendo mas inteligentes que estos gringos y han echo este parque eholico o de molinos de viento para los que no sepan que es eholico.Me da mucho gusto por Honduras . Puerto rico atras por hacerle caso a los Gringos .

Los Otros dia vi una revista que Habla de " los 10 secretos sexuales de los hombres" una chica como de 15 anos la compro , ahora me pregunto en este pais no permiten educar a los ninos sobre sexo en la escuela en las casas son tan conservadores que ni se habla de eso , pero sin embargo los jovenes y ninos pueden comprar una revista como esta y aprenden estos supuestos secretos que lo mas probable los escribio una idiota que ni sexo tiene y eso es lo que estos chicos aprenden , que se puede hacer o prohibir la venta de estas revistas a estos jovenes igual que hacen con las revistas porno o se les debe de comensar a educar en las casa y escuelas sobre el sexo . espero que estos estupidos conservadores vean que lo que hacen por un lado les sale mal por otro .

Monday, October 3, 2011

trips , SF , "Straight" Bi or Gay , no photo why so shy , my facebook page stupid questions .

My next trip is this week Oct 6 to 10 to new York
and then Oct 14 to 17 to Atlanta Georgia
Los Angeles in November

well california was cool to be in San Francisco last week . I did not went to Folsom St fair , because was 50 degrees and raining so I drove to Russian river with a friend to have a nice and relax time , and we did . sorry but I dont like cold weather I only like 80 degrees . and it was the fun jazz festival in the river I like that people will see the concert from a boat .

Ok What's going on with all this guys that are "straight " and they want to be in the Gay porn Industry . sorry but I also got a few on my facebook fan page that they say that they are straight because they only have fuck men but they never had a relationship with men , News flash guys , if you fuck another men you are gay or Bi sexual , have anyone heard the term Bi sexual yes you have sex with men and women . but most of this guys they say I m straight and the Stupid people in the porn industry call them gay for pay . What ever , but straight guys will never fuck or get a blow job from another guy , they only fuck women if you ever had any encounter with another men you should not call your self straight . we all have to admit who we are . so for those guys that want to be part of the gay porn industry if you fuck another men ass you are BI right away . get real . Us gay men also have the fault we said I suck this straight guy , what ever that is our fantasy but a real straight men will never let us suck him those that we get are confuse married men that love to play this fantasy of Im straight but Ill let you suck me bla bla bla .

Now gay Guys What is wrong with those that don't put photos in facebook or in A4A or other sites looking for hookup websites , maybe because they are afraid of other guys see them in the websites , but if they see you they are doing the same thing that you are doing and if you don't put a photo because you doing that behind the back of your Boyfriend then you are fake because a relation ship it should be about trust and you are a lier , be honest not all , but most gay men cheated on there boy friends so why not talk and have a open relation ship . at the end we all know each other and things will come up so why look for Drama be honest and Say like to be in this kind of websites and put your fucking photos . I get many guys with no photos and they want to date me I respond I don't know how you look so no response. I will not talk to some one that want to have sex and I don't know if I like the person ,have a photo and thats it we all get in to this web for the same reasons so what is the shame . plus I don't like some one that is shame of been in a hookup site who cares .

I got my Facebook page Antonio biaggi Davila
I got another one just incase I get mine erase its Antonio J Biaggi D
If I don't respond fast Im sorry but I get many people emails every day about 60 to 150 emails a day and usually I get many people trying to chat at the same time so if I take long don't get angry , Im only one person .
then Please people Im just a Model I don't have a production company I get 5 to 20 guys every day ask me that they want to be in one of my movies well all I got to say its apply online with the studios I cant do anything ales .
And then I get some people asking is this the real Antonio Biaggi yes its me If you get the correct profile its me .
then to end about face book Why people ask where you from ?do you speak Spanish ? how old are you ? people Face book have something call profile read and then you dont have to ask questions that are on my profile .