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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dating with men in the 40'S , trips , Legalize Drugs and we all Pay for sex think about it .

What the fuck with this men in there $0's in this town . what is there problem I have meet 5 guys all from 42 to 48 and they all have this """"complicated "''''' situations . really at there age they should know how to solved this ""complicated situation"" . one he said is feeling depress , really well go to disney world , get a vacation or get some pills . Another guy has a complicated situation with his ex B . really first of all if you guys broke up why do you think that its going to work the second time . really guys or you have to learn how to be more honest if you don't want to date just say it and if you want to Date make the other person feel that you are interested and call then , invite them to go out and a text or two a day wont kill you , but some of this old men they have so many Issues with Dating it may be there middle life crisis , or I think every one now a day have a fear to commitment . really guys grow up . the other thing that happen its the 48 year old that is dating a 22 year old guy , ok you think you have something in common with a 22 year old or that boy its really mature or you are a retard . that never works a men in there 40's Im done I will date only men in there 30'0 closer to my age and with no middle life crazy . the other one he call him self jock or Boy when you are in your 40'S you are a men not a jock not a boy , grow up .

Im on my way to San Francisco tomorrow so Ill see many fans in Around in SF .

My next trip its New York Oct 3 to 9

Should the Government legalize drugs , I think they should , since they have a Doble stander since they get money from some industry's that pay them money for legislate in there favor . Cigarets and alcohol kill more people then Illegal Drugs so why not legalize drugs , in that way they can get more money from tax and many problems of drugs control will be solved also in some countries they fight and kill each other to have the control of a area where they sell the drugs , well with all this legal most of those crimes will be gone .
I dont use drugs and I think some drugs have really damage the Gay community like "" METH "" that have ruining some people that I know and made my life impossible when my ex and my roommate use that drug and life was Crazy hell for me . but I think that the Government should def. Legalize drugs and maybe that will help us tru taxes to get out of this bad economy .

pay for sex I was in New York a few weeks ago and a friend tell's ,e that he does not pay for sex and I respond so what are you doing in New York , he respond to me well I flew in for 2 days to meet some guys that I meet online , and some times he flight guys from other countries to spend the weekend with him . Well my response to that was well baby you pay for sex because you spend money to travel to a city or to bring some guy to have sex you pay for sex .
Another of my friend gave me the same shit and he is always in the bath house will news flash if you pay to enter a bath house you are paying for sex . so my question is Why not pay a escort to have sex its the same thing its actually much better since you know that you are getting sex for sure and not waist your time in a bath house that some times you may spend hours and not find anything , and you will get the guy that you want so why not pay a escort .
then we all have those relations ships that we have to pay indirectly when one of the buys a car or pays for the rent well I guess we all Pay for sex one way or another even for porn movies or cock rings we all pay .

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicago . new plans , DJ and 911

Chicago , Juan got back from chicago it was ok it started by a 3 hour flight and a little dog die behind me it was so sad , every one in the plane was very quiet and sad some people cry I was the rest of my day in chock .I a little sentimental when it comes to animals (pets) . the flight attendants they train for emergency in water landing but no emergency with dogs or anything ales . yea they always show if only if we fall on water wow I feel so secure ja ja ja , but no medical experience they should learn I travel with my dog all the time now I got to learn dog CPR .
The rest of my trip in chicago was ok a had a couple of fans that saw me in a restaurant and they enter to take photos and then I run into them and there funny girl friend that she made my night she was funny .
the city its ok Boys town is not that fun I think only during IML thats when its fun .
there gay magazine Boi it dose not give the info for a tourist to do the gay scene in boystown not a good magazine .

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My next trip :
San Francisco = september 21 to 25
Puerto Rico = Oct 7 to 12
New York = Oct 12 to 16

some of my new projects I just started to practice to become a DJ Im actually doing Photos to promote my self as DJ in san Francisco My exB is doing the photos . and I hope I will start to travel and doing the DJ gig all over by next year .

anther of my Project I start tomorrow my Boxing Classes I m very exited since I can now combine my capoeira with the boxing ,its what I wanted to do for a wild so I hope the classes are good I will let you all know soon how it goes with that .

wow 911 why in USA they put so much security that day I m sure if there is another terrorist attack it wont be that day it will be the day that we are all the least expecting , I dont think they are that stupid to do it a day like that , people even report some guys in a flight in LA that where going to the bathroom alot really what if they where nervious and they had dysentery .who knows all I got to say that people get paranoid that day even if they see a person with a sheet in there head they think its a terrorist . well It was very nice to remember that day and all the people that die 10 years ago and remember the fealling that the entire country was under attack .
I guess that how all this countries in the middle east feel every day that USA attack them for the last 10 days its very sad . I hope the stupid war is over since its part of why this country has a bad economy since they have spend more then 6 trillion dollars in 10 years wow . well my memory to all the people that die specially my mothers sister that lost all her friend and co workers in the tower that she work there for 30 years and she retire 3 weeks before the attack , I never forget that I did not know that she was not working there and I just remember the tower falling and I was thinking what she and every one reacted and if she survive .Im glad she did and she move to florida after 911 .

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NY , nude senators and Chicago next week

Just got back from my trip to New York many things happen
first I got in New york 2 days before a Hurricane that became just a tropical storm and still did many damages to cities around NY and transportation if it would have been a hurricane in New York t would have been really bad the city and people are not prepare the city it self was not build to resist a hurricane . well it was just a calm day of rain in another tropical storm .
Then I went to New York to film with a New Studio call Forbiden funk it was a interesting shoot they rented apt. in Harlem I never been in that part of NY and it was actually really interesting to see many hot New yoricans in that area then I stay in chealsea to spend some time with friends .to bad the last day was yesterday I left to early didnt know it was a Brazilian weekend in New York I notice all the sexy Brazilian men in my hotel since friday but I already had the flight to go back home .

My next trip is this next week Sept 8 to 12 Ill be in Chicago

My face book page for fans AntoniobiaggiDavila

I had a text from my ex from San Francisco and it had a photo of a Puerto Rican Republican senator it was funny , and god since I know there s many senators , Mayors and , representatives that are in the closet in Puerto Rico and this will open the door for many more to come , I guess that we all have a little of a porn actor in us ja ja Ja . well he quit and got seperated from his wife so let him do what ever he wants .

walking around stores and they are already putting halloween and christmas stuff
they should just leave all of that all year around since every year looks like they keep putting the holly day stuff earlier and earlier well I did bought my dog a frog costume .