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Friday, August 19, 2011

Marc jacobs got a A+ , now Obama and Nuclear Plant F-

Nuclear plant

sorry I usually do one post a month I did one 3 days ago but this is a important and passion of mine

Sorry but Obama I give you a F- very bad now they want to build a nuclear plant in Alabama at the cost of $4.5 billions

first : this $4.5 billions can be use to solve the problems of the economy , there is so much that can be done with this money .

segundo : really a nuclear plant USA its the only country that want to have one since the tragedy in Japon . actually other countries like Germany have talk about eliminating there nuclear plants .since they are danger I think they forgot that Japon still deals with the disaster and they will still have to for decades to come .

Tercera : wow really in Alabama great area with all the Hurricane in the caribbean and golf of mexico its just a call for another disaster but here in USA .

Last :to Protect the environment that is one of my biggest causes that I work so much , I Believe that even less then 4.5 billion can be use for solar and wind power it will still create the green jobs that Obama talk and never did and it will help the economy is not danger for the population and finally its clean .Solar and wind power its the future , nuclear its old .

Obama very bad this is the worst Idea

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Good for Marc Jacobs I which more designers will support Gay marriage , all those Gay designers and all the people in hight position should support Marc Jacobs put a display in his windows in New York that portray 2 female maniquies holding hands and a wedding like settings this is what every business and designers and celebrities should do .

so Marc you got a A+

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

to much work and they still single old gay . Help movie and dont kill your self

Why men in there 40's and 50's are more and more Immature every day , first Gay men are spending to much time taking care of there hair there nails and buying to much clothing , trying to look better and the reality is that some of them have no help not even with plastic procedures or filers they still look Ugly .
then you ad there attitude some think they are the Last coca cola in the desert really it looks like they have lost the cense of reality I seen some at the gym that they look in the mirror and touch them selves and they look like the gym is doing nothing in there favor Im happy that they gave the eyes of god and see some thing great . but reality is that they don't look good then they ask why they are single at that age and if they meet some one dose not pass from a month .
then there is the once that have to buy a very expensive car to impress some stupid or better said some gold digger 25 year old that is only interested in there money its very sad I have had a few this week here in fort lauderdale and Palm spring you will see so many old ugly men in a BMW or RR convertible and they hunk and think that you will look at them because of there car .
I posted in my face book about these I got many people talking about this that I wrote , the funny part was some one told me when you go to a club you will talk to the Mario lopez because looks its what counts I responded to this person well I wont talk to Mario Lopez because he Has to much botox and its to clean cut looks like a girl ,I Like a mechanic or a construction worker cover in oil and dirt that the kind of guy that I like and I will never go on a date with some one that I meet in a club because that means that they may be always in the club and drink to much and thats not the kind of guy that I will date .
so men should be men and dont act like women some bad examples of to much filler botox and ugly gays that think they look good . well he is just one example

poor jeff

some bad examples of to much filler botox and ugly gays that think they look good

such a great movie finally hollywood have stop wasting money on stupid movies and we have got some great movies as Harry potter and The Help now this last one its great
I just saw it today and there where a few parts that made me laught so much and a few people reacted in a funny way
one ; there is a part that this girl in the movie does some thing wrong and the mom hits her every one in the movies was surprise please in Puerto Rico if any kids does something wrong they will slap there face why not thats why kids respect adults , not like here in USA that no one hit there kids and that why we have a society full of spoil fuck up kids that they think they can do what ever they want and thats why we see all this kids and teen killing there class mates and doing so much wrong . because every one is afraid of social services bull shit , you are not going to kill the kids hitting them but they need to be reprehended so this part in the movie I think is some thing that people should bring backfrom the 50's even from just a decade ago people would hit there kids , but now they are all so proper but is not doing good to this society .
the second part was a few of the racial slang like the word negro some people did not like that word please we say in Puerto rico even if the men is white women call the negro : negro yes its very common and its in a sweet way I don't think a word is bad I think the mentality of the people its what makes the word bad any way I seen so many racist in this country and I heard many people telling me racist stuff in my face and then when you are in Public every one is so proper no one is racist please SOME PEOPLE in USA are full of shit .and read I say some people.

any way love this movie its a most .

steven my roomate , antony and I in south beach

My life its all good I am better from the chicken pox and I got my new roommate he is also a porn actor and from Puerto rico we have a great time he is the best roommate so far .

Im not datting after the last 49 year old men that I went out we order a drink inn a Bar and then some queen ugly and skinny came from behind hug him and kiss him in the mouth and then in the back of the neck I was next to them and I move to another part of the bar and he told me why I was so Dramatic I say sorry I haven't said anything I just move and he respond but I meet that guy before I meet you . all I have to say Im done dating this stupid fags I m staying single .

I still getting more and more people on my facebook page antonio Biaggi Davila

and Yes I got several tris plan in september Ill be visiting;
Chicago sept 4 to 9
Puerto Rico Sept 14 to 22
San Francisco sept 23 to 27 in for Folsom st fair

I have 2 shows from Bravo that I like the house wives of NY and Beverly hills and I have to say that its so sad to hear that Russell Armstrong die , they say he kill him self
I just think how desperate you are to kill your self , that is a very limit I been there 2 times when I was in my 20's I try to kill my self , but now a days I go and get help if anyone try to kill its self should get help because they leave more problems for the people that loves them , it a common way to react since now a day if something is difficult we don't do it or we try not to take care of that because society have made us like this having the simple life , now they kill them self the have no problem but those that stay have more problems then ever , this is selfish act .
I feel sorry for there daughter that is only 5 that is not a good way to lose some one in your family I have lost 2 friends like that and its very sad for the family and friends .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Somalia , Nude Beach and chicken pox

29,000 kids have die in SOMALIA that its very sad I just got back from a great day in Miami eating great and we just got back turn on the TV and see info like this its very sad . this people in concentration camps rule by a group from Arkaeda and they don't let provisions in or people out why USA since they always get in every war and confrontation that don't have anything to do with this country why they don't go and take over this poor people , I know the answer there is no OIL in Somalia that why its so sad that all this kids have to de this week .

I have had a great week I spend the day at a nude beach in miami with my friends Tony bishop and Steven ponce both porn actors it was fun we had a blast . we love miami . I love that beach , what I don't get why go to a nude beach and you don't get naked why ? or use a white transparent swimming suit its a nude beach just get all out . who cares .

My Next travels will be New York at the end of August
Chicago september 4 to 8
Atlanta Georgia september 12 to 16 then Ill be
up to Puerto Rico

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I got a new roommate Steven from Puerto Rico he is great and I don't have the crazy drug addict that didn't pay rent for 3 months . now Im happy and my roommate its great .

Yes I had Chicken pox 2 weeks ago thats why I cancel all my travel plans Im recover but it was bad the older that you get the worst I got it in my nerve system so the pain it was really bad I had 3 days in bed under Percocet every 4 hours and the pain was a little better I still recovering but all good . thanks for all the people that worried and send me emails on facebook