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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Atalnta,NY and Chicago , 4 years in porn 70 movies wow and more

California my visit to L.A and San Francisco was great I film with slut machine studio , I had fun with some of my friends in Los Angeles gay and straight friends it was great . In San Francisco I had a little accident walking the dogs I travel with my dog and my ex boyfriends dog that lives in frisco I walk them and a big dog came running I follow them and I went to pick up my dogs and when I look up I hit a metal pole and with my sun glasses I cut my eye about 7 stitches and very deep about 3 hours bleeding. well Im ok but I film for slut machine with the bandage in my eye . they say it looks sexy .Oh well .

my Facebook page is : AntoniobiaggiDavila

I come back to Fort Lauderdale my roommate still haven't move he haven't pay rent in 2 months and Im in the process of evicting him , he is crazy screaming and trough me out I had to call the police when they got to my house he was cooking and ask the police if there was a problem cuz he was cooking , He was like betty crockett I say to the police bull shit he was not acting peace full when I left he is crazy and he say that he pay the rent that is not true , I just want him to move he is a lier and thats why they terminated him from his job cuz his crazy . the next day he said you call the police so I put a little show for them Im never moving and I just fucking with you he is a crazy person and I haven't even eat in my house in the last 21 month because Im afraid of him .

Harry potter I love those movies I cant believe that 10 years have pass so fast and this last movie is the best movie I seen in a wild allot of action and I have to say I cry cuz its sad and it was the last movie I hope they come with a new movie like the beginning of harry potter so they explain every thing will see I def.... want to see more . one thing that some of my friends had and me to it was the fact that harry and his friend need a little sun they are to white sun its free .

My future trips are Atlanta Georgia the first week of August and Chicago after atlanta

at the end of august Ill be in New York again for my 8 time this year to film 4 more movies Im very stirred about this trip cuz I cant wait to have fun with my friend scott at the clubs he is a DJ in New York and I go with him to the clubs and Ill be doing 4 more movies for a grand total of more then 70 movies in 4 years a a porn model .

this month I celebrate my 4 years n the porn Industry good and bad , I never imaging I was going to do so many movies I done more then 70 videos so far and still have a few studios that are filming in the next couple of months , I always say that I was going to be in the industry maybe one or 2 years and thats it but I guess not .