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Monday, June 27, 2011

New York and STop crystal meth

My new face Book page ;
Antonio J Biaggi D I got two page on facebook my main page is antonio Biaggi davila
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my new porn BF is jesse to the left very hot model from KY

well I was in New York for one week it was great I had so much fun thanks to all the people that I meet in the street and say hello and for all the fun I had during my visit to the city . I had a blast at folsom festival and sorry but I didn't make it to the parade I was in bed ;-)
I have to say that I did 3 new videos with macho fucker last week and the videos are out already .

I had a great weekend and a fun time that I needed to forget all the drama back in florida.

this is my great "friend " scott jones he is the most hot men and a great DJ in New York we had so much fun every night I went to the clubs that he work and it was so much fun , thanks baby

I wen tto see my friend Mario Cantone great comidian better known for the show sex and the city I have to thanks to him for the comp tickets and a great night I had so much fun he is one of my favorite comidians really and he nows how to sing if you guys ever see his show in your town go and see the show its great .

I been going with some Drama with my ex now with my roomate that is moving this month I will start a movement against people addicts to Crystal meth , I new about this but please people think what you do to your Boy friend and your roomates and your family this is really bad . and I been going thru this isues with 2 people in my life and its fuck up . I dont care if people do drugs as long as you dont harmed others .

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life is like this , My Mom in Hospital , they stole my credit card

First I was dating for 4 months this Gym trainer Ernesto here in florida I never meet anyone in my life , that lie so much and cause so much Drama . he left me before my birth day june 10 and The next day I see in the club a guy that I fuck before when I first meet Ernesto it happens that Ernesto was dating this same guy for the last 2 months , latter I found that he is in Chrystal meth and that he fuck at least other 20 guy in gay days alone , thats why his ex has a restriction order from the police on him his a dangerous guy he hit me a few times Im glad Im done with him and now Im getting to know better the other guy , its funny how life is we both where play by Ernesto and now we are going out on dates every day and sex its great . I write this for all those lier's out there I wanted a open relation he did not but he dated 2 guys and he use the 2 of us to take him on dinners and buy him shit he done this with his last BF and now to us all those doing the same they should go to hell but I know Karma and he will pay big time in life I imagine that a men that is 36 should be a little more responsible and honest but no thats life .

My mom got to the Hospital after food poison in a hotel in georgia and she got her intestine perforated by the bacteria she went on surgeri and now she is doing better after 5 days in the Hospital just talk to her and she is back at home , Ernesto meet her a few time and he knew what happen and did not even care to ask about her his a dush bag , Im happy that hundreds of fans and friends on facebook and my emails send me prays about my mom thats to every one she is my life and Im happy she is home and doing good .

Some one made a copy of my credit card and they use it in Paris on thursday its some thing that is happening alot and I just want to say to every one be care full with all the credit info that have been stolen now a Days thanks to got I got my money back and a new account .

Folsom Festival in New york Ill be in New York this saturday and Ill be in New York for a week for Gay pride so everyone in Chelsea Ill be around next week . at folsom Ill be with Michael Lucas Entertainment both .

Well this is my Blog for this week

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

so much

just having some fun in my car

well happy that after 4 month they activated my internet at home today wow

well I was just in Orlando florida with my parents that went to visit my brother in Georgia and came down to visit me we had fun at Epcot center to bad I cant go this weekend to gay disney I would have love that . but I had alot of fun with them they just left today .

Ill be in New York filming again june 18 to 24 so Ill be around chelsea I always stay in that area . Ill be in LA an San Francisco in july 4 to 12 and yes Ill be in PUerto Rico in August every one is asking so that is my next visit back home .

this week making some plans for my birth day june 10 I probably will go down to mimi and have fun will see .

Im glad that some models are been spoken about rescue dogs I had 3 one die afeter 17 years and the other my exBF has it I stay with one his name is Harper I got him since no one wanted him cuz he was 10 I had him for a year and his the best dog ever , Dont buy in a pet , a dog adopt ASPCA . give them a second chance . he has been with me in california , florida New york and Puerto Rico we travel alot .

I got my new face book page AntoniobiaggiDavila/
my new email is

wow Germany say that they are about to close all the power plants cuz what happen in japon a few weeks ago and USA still thinking of nuclear power really Obama should not support nuclear power its not the solution .