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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Car crash , Trips and PR

Bareback video , well I have to say that most of the Porn indusrty are so full of shit no bareback since most models fuck BB behind the sceens , I have not have any problems yes I have to be more carefull and I go to check my self more so I keep my self clean but I got to say I like Bareback movies better then condome Im not saying that BB its better Cuz I do use condoms alot in my personal life but I do like a good Bareback movie , and for those in the Porn Industry that in public critic bareback and then in there personal life they do bareback I got to say " GET REAL ".

I just got in a car crash 4 days ago I call my insurance and dose not cover my car , Why do I pay $230 a month , Insurance companies are a scam . thats why this country is so fuck cuz the Gov. and the insurance companies .Ii m ok and my car still runs but dose not look good , o well at least runs , ja ja j a.

Ii just got back from my trip to PR and Ny I had a blast and I move in to my new apartment . still Im looking for a roomate my email

to contact me

My ex call me last thursday to give me the news that he had to put one of our dog to sleep , he was 17 almost 18 I was having problems , I was so sad I actually cry for 4 hours non stop and still Im still a little down but that is part of life .

My next trip is to San Francisco and LA april 7 to 14 in both cities .

in political note I just hope that OBAMA dose not get involved in other war in the middle east that is bull shit ,Libya , Yemen and Egypt is not USA problem . only cuz those countries have oil . why they dont care about countries that have dictators but no oil . I hope not another war , that is non off USA business .
Japon earthquake and the nuclear plant they dont know what to do thats why I was in a group to fight, so Obaba dont put nuclear plants in USA since its danger for the people and something like what is happening in Japon they dont know what to do. USA should stay with wind and solar energy , fuck the Nuclear power cost allot to mantain and it danger for the health if some thing worst happens in japon , well Tokyo will become a ghost town and that will be even work for the world economy . this and drilling the ocean for oil its a NO good , BP they did nothing no one have heard anything alles about BP and the damage still there and now they are covering the radiation problem that is just the first of many other thinks to come .
Now Obama is looking for south america now the 3rd world counties are good Ill say Hillary she should have been the president Obama I keep saying He is a AssHole .

My Brother is Back to USA from Iraq he have been taking therapy for the last 3 weeks in Jersey and now they move him to Geogia , all cuz the war in middle east , when his 2 friends where kill in a bomb in January . Thank god my Brother is better . thanks for those of you that send me emails asking for my brother.