Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Sunday, February 27, 2011

New facebook , Latino Party and Barcelona , Honduras crisis

I just did a new facebook page Antonio Biaggi Davila
Ill be posting all my Partys and things related to the industry .

I will be doing a Latino Gay Party in a club in Florida starting April
more info Ill post on my new facebook .

@ more days and Ill be in
New YOrk March 1 to 5
then Puerto Rico march 6 to 14
Barcelona Spain March 17 to 22

well that is my travel plans for March I cant wait I love barcelona its my favorite city in the world .

Im sad that the crime against the Gay comunity in Honduras have escalate 34 gaymen kill in 7 month half are transvesties thats very sad that there is so much hate in centeramerica and so much ignorants .

Ill be in NY till march 13 Ill be doing a charity tonight march 2 at spice bar in the village for the Bronx LGBT center see you all there .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

now in florida , Looking for roommate , travel to NY , my new Latino party

Sorry no photos this week since I dont have my computer yet so whats new


I got a new facebook page noche caliente for a Latin party that Ill start in florida in april so I hope every one go to facebook and become friends of "Noche caliente ".this will be a hot party ,
and Soon Ill be doing a leather party also but for now Im working on the Latino party in fort lauderdale .
and I just started working in a bar in fort lauderdale . so many of you may see me around .

MY NEW EMAIL , a haker got my email so no more my new email is well this is my new email

Im looking for a roomate to live in a 2 room apt in fort lauderdale pls only serious people for this more info when you email me

Sorry that my email has been sending some spam emails my email was spam by some moron that has nothing better to do . so Ill be changing my email next month .

My next travel plans March 1 to new York and March 5 to Puerto Rico , then Ill be in Spain barccelona , and Los Angeles .

thanks I had got so many emails from my last posting sinse I put my email its ill answer but I get sometimes 30 to 40 emails a day so ill respond in time thanks .
and thanks for those that think that my cake was nice , but it was ok .