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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spain and NY trip

just got back from barcelona I film 2 new movies with macho fucker its was good I love Barcelona but it was raining and cold every day thats I was there .but I had fun as always I love spain . I had a great time in Spain and I went to a cat shelter and a guri hindu prosetion on a sunday morning in las ramblas it was fun .
then I went to New York for a charity porn bingo for the bronx GLBT center it was good and fun with will clark the host of porn bingo but one more time New York was raining and cold . thanks to all the poeple that help every week they do a different charity and the bingo just google will clark porn bingo he does a great work for the comunity .

When I was in Spain I went to a club and there was this guy that sat on a chair and spend the time on Grandr , now why would you get in GRANDR if there is so many hot guys around itsso stupid . forget the tecnology and just look around Im sure that you will get a better guy and you can see the hole real package in person some times they dont look like there photos , so dont be so socially fuckedup and socialize with others around you .

On my way to Spain I had a conection in Portugal for a few hours then the airplain got in the gate and the tire broke so we had to wait to more hours untill the fix the tire then after waiting for 9 hours plus those extra 2 hours we finally got in the plane and when we got to the runway the airplain broke again so we had to leave the plane and wait more hours untill the got another plane fron another city so 19 hours in Portugal I hate that airport .

I guess I have to say Happy thanks giving to all hope we all have a great holiday Ill be at home in florida and I will cook for a few friends .
I started shopping for christmas ornaments some made with recycle glass and other eco products . and use less rapping paper and bows its more eco .

I hope if anyone is getting a pet go to a shelter and get a pet there is so many great dogs and cats in the shelters waiting for a second chance.

My next trip its Puerto Rico November 6 to 12
Brazil in january
New York in January

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Eder said...

Man! I can figure out how many times you've heard it, but I very look up to you! Love your great works. I'm excited to know you are coming to Brazil in January, which cities will you be? Rio... São Paulo? Good to find out your blog.