Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feliz navidad , Travel and moreeeeeeeeee

Just got back from NY 2 days ago where I just film a new movie with Lucas entertainment . Love NY to cold but people very nice as always , finally saw trocadero ballet I been wanting to see them since I dance ballet , ja Ja Ja yes I did Dance ballet for a few years in PR Ballet concierto . and yes I did where tights but I always put pants on top .
I just film with a new model Romero Rinaldi a very sexy latino from Virginia , it was his first movie and it was fun and great . I think he is great . he has no web yet but soon every one will know him . sorry that one photo its no good it was with my phone .

Feliz navidad to all my fans hope you all are having a nice christmas , its not about material but about been with your love one .and thanks got Iwill spent time with my love ones .

January Ill be in San Francisco since I got to pack for my moving to florida and Im finishing my classes of Cake decorating . its so fun and I hope to become a great cake decorator . Im moving to fort lauderdale with my Dog Harper and I do love fort Lauderdale . its always sunny and nice over there , plus I got many friends in Florida .

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy H.D , travels and Moving to FLORIDA

Hope every one had a Great Thanksgiving , I sure did when to visit my best friend from Puerto Rico , her Husband is in Afganistan and well she did not know how to do a Turkey so I cooked puerto rican stile with plantain inside and rice with gandules and other PR food .

I been filming alot I have done 10 new movies in the last 2 month so a new look and new Image will be out soon .

Yes Im single since I got a few emails of people asking , yes and Im happy . my ex and I we still good friends I still love him and he will always be a special person in my life . I m Happy and yes Im moving from San Francisco . Ill be moving in February to Fort Lauderdale I already got a apartment there and Im ready do start my new Life in FLORIDA .

Just got Back from Argentina last night thats why I haven't been around I had a Blast as always do in Buenos aires and hello to all my friends in BA that I got to see and that went to the clubs it was great .

I have found a few Cruise spots in Argentina but also in san Francisco i never imagine that the train the bart is was the most C. place in the city the last wagon of the train there is always guys jerking and giving blow jobs I just started to take bart since I m taking classes in berkley and I got to say wow its fun to go to college ja ja ja .

Next Trips well this week ill be in :

Los Angeles ; Dec 11 to 13 only

Chicago ; Dec 15 to 17 only

New York DEc 18 to 21 only

Next year january Ill be visiting
Hoston TX
and in February Ill be in Paris and Madrid Spain
maybe Berlin ,Germany not sure yet .