Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, August 30, 2010

back from Costa Rica and more and Porn actors need help

Just got back from costa rica , 4 fans ask me to give them tips for there trip there well :
It was low season and It was expensive , crime is bad so nothing to do after 10 pm , gay life only in san jose and only friday and saturdays , no hats in banks museums mot even in a bath house for security reasons , there is no streets names the address to the places are funny like "at the museum to the right and then 100 meter there is a store and to the left " and they always tell you good luck since if you don't know spanish you may not found the place .
and last if you drive the streets are bad the drivers crazy and some days some cars cant drive since there is to many cars and they stop me 4 times in one hour so be care full in costa rica guys .
it was fun some times I will not waist my time in san jose I like the caribbean side and don't even bother to go to the pacific its very touristic in a bad way and super expensive .

I went to a animal shelter and Had fun with monkeys and zip line one cable was 600 feet long and another was 2,000 foot hight zip line its my new hobby I can't wait to do it in Puerto Rico .

Im back in San Francisco for the first week of sept and then I live to our new house in Russian River for 3 weeks so Ill be spending more and more time up in Russian River and less time in san Francisco

My next travel plans in Oct is miami and Fort Lauderdale
Oct I will visit Boston and Vermont
and Nov back in New York and Los Angeles
December Puerto Rico


I just saw news of another porn actor that was murder in florida but he was involved in trafficking drugs
wow that made me think that so many of this porn actors are real psycho path , and the really need allot of help and this case is just one of many many that I know . I recommend if you know any porn actor help them don't stress them , and support them cuz seems like many need allot of help and they are getting no mental help .

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hospital , PR and more people using my photos on A4A and other sites

A few friends and fans ask me about a Hospital incident , Yes I went to the Hospital 3 weeks ago , 2 days before my trip to Puerto Rico . because I had a accident in the Gym and I broke my finger if got infected so I went to the Hospital to get some antibiotics , but the doctors had other plans they say that I had a Bacteria and they have to remove my finger and Maybe my hand , OMG I cry like a baby they left me in the hospital for 8 hours and I say I m living no one is cutting anything , I left the Hospital and went to PR and My finger is much better still a little pain but its ok . so yes I was in the Hospital .

Yes some people have seen me around the Hospital more since I live right next to the Hospital and I been walking my 3 boys . my lattes is harper the smallest of all he is 10 years and I got him from a rescue about 4 month ago .

Just a photo from Puerto Rico with my friends

Im leaving to Costa Rica on Tuesday for 10 days then Ill be spending most of my time up in Russian River so Ill be spending less time in San Francisco .
Ill be back in San Francisco For Folsom St fair some fans have email me and yes Ill be in Folsom Not sure where but probably Ill be with Raging stallion .
My email for my fans is

Thanks for those that have told me about some people using my photos on A$A and on rentboy and on other websites that is not me I do have a A4A and its AntonioBiaggi if the profile name don't say Antonio Biaggi then is not me . I always put Antonio Biaggi .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

back from Puerto Rico

I just got back from Puerto rico Ii had a blast with my friends , we travel to PR for my best friends wedding it was fun since we are all in different places and see people coming from china colombia , NY and california and Spain it was a great wedding . and I had fun with all my friends and with my family .
here is a photo of my friend Aura and sam at the Marriot Hotel for the wedding my clothing its a typical hacienda style clothing for men very classical . and I did get plenty of sun so Im very dark love it .one of the best things it was jumping in a 60 feet deep bay with sharks at 11 pm on the Bio Bay , the adrenalin was even better then having sex in public .

Some fans have ask about the movies that I did in Argentina one ANOCHE and CALIENTE this are the cover and you can see them on

Ill be in san francisco for almost 2 weeks and then Ill be in Costa Rica for a Vacation .

Ill be filming with another studio once I come back next month so Ill revel who later .

I m glad that prop 8 was Ban , this is part of every human , hope they legalize the gay weddings . I just hope that we all think first before we get married since only half of my friends that got married still together . I think that the prop that will come out next elections about no divorce for heterosexual its a great Idea since they say that marrige its for ever in good or bad till dead so I guess the gov. should eliminate divorce in California this Prop was created by a Guy in california and its Great i support that .

I hope people dont forget about BP the Oil cuz that is not Done yet .