Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, June 28, 2010

New York in July , GUYS USING MY PHOTOS IN 2 web

NY july 7 to the 12 Ill be in NY and then Ill be in San Juan PR

My Birth day it was fun thanks to all for the emails the messages on facebook and cards for my birthday I had a good time in a Spanish tapas restaurant with 16 friends it was fun .

my birthday party

I did a book signing on a San Francisco Bar it was very fun for a book that Im in the cover by photographer Lisle Taaje
thanks for all the people and fans that came to say hello

I just found a guy in XTUBE with my photos that is not me PLS people use your own photos and in A4A there is a guy in LA latin10inch is using my photos and I hear a few people saying that he say things that are not ok and just to make sure that is not me
what is there problem are they that ugly that they can use there own photos
what when people see you in person you 2 are frauds

well I been going every weekend to Sonoma and Russian river so yes some people saw me up there people are very friendly in Russian River I love it up there

Happy pride to all I did not went to any pride this year since I been doing other things .

Monday, June 7, 2010

June, June , June

some nice sport bulge photos that I found

I had to put a nice ass photo

This month and last month had been great , I been Working in my business doing convention shows for women and babies .
and Im happy that I saw yesterday at the baby a few people that love my store and came to shop , that makes me happy to have fans .
June is My birth day month , this week June 10 its my birth day . I will have a party in a Restaurant with a few of my friends and people that have touch my life in the city , Sorry for those That I didn't invite but the room only holds 18 people . Happy birth day to all Gemini I know there is many Gemini that are fans so have fun this month also my mother birth day is the 14 so Love you Mom , yes she does read my blog . ja ja ja

Im in San Francisco in for the rest of the month I just came back from LA it was fun I love LA , I saw my good friend Mister TOM , ho is Mister Eagle 2010 . that was fun and yes all the people that ask me if it was me , well yes I was there some people came to me and ask if I was the porn actor ? some people are very funny when they see you in person.
MY next trip is in July 7- 12 I ll be Visiting NY and I ll be doing porn Bingo on july 7 with comic Carolyn Castiglia.

and June 24 Ill be in a Frisco bar call the TRIGGER since a photographer is using me for the cover of his new book . I m glad and Honor that he used my person to be the cover of his book its great since its all about polaroids , yes some thing that its very difficult to find photos of men and porn actors all in polaroids Wow its like the 70's . The book is call TRICKS by Lisle Taaje .

Last friday I talk to Chris Ward from Raging Stallion , and Im out of my contract of RS . Now Im looking to see with HO Im going to film , and I got some contracts that Ill be doing looking carefully and soon you guys will see me in movies from other companies . Ill inform more once I do the movies with the New companies . I have to Thanks Raging Stallion for been so great to me for the last 3 years is been a honor to work with this great studio .

I love that any company come to USA a fuck the country and no one will do anything , yes BP the OIL spill , OBama have done nothing still after 50 Days , really . if it was in England Im sure the Queen of England would have take over or in Japan or Brazil there presidents would have take over but here Our president have done nothing waiting for a company that don't know What they are doing shame on him , that any company could come to USA and cause a environmental disaster and we wont do anything , Hope that this teach them that we should not have Drilling in the coast its so many ways to get energy and is the Green way ,BP and Obama shame on YOU .

Arizona Im stone how racist is this country , that every one is always so care full not to say the N word or not to discriminate Asians or protect the Indian tribes from USA , but then you see some thing like this happening , this country is Selective in to ho we discriminate . Cuz its bad to discriminate to Asians or black but Latinos its OK , and every one its OK with gay but still dont have Laws that protect us and give us the right to married , this country is all about double stander . I was offer to do one of my baby show in Arizona but I say no I wont support a state that is discriminating to a population that is so big in there state and I eliminated one of the companies that I work with that there products are from Arizona . I m from PR and yes I legal but I protect this people risk there lives to get a better life and one of my ex Was Illegal from venezuela and its sad to see when his dad die he did not saw him for more then 8 years and never got the chance to say good bey , and they do the work that many of US (including my self ), dont want to do .