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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Closing my store and my BIO , MY Brother to Iraq

I m in the process of closing my store Im keeping my business it will be a trade show store , and I will keep my website
for the person that wrote that I only speak of my store I do because its all I do I work 7 days a week for 8 to 10 hour so my store its my life . I will be closing and Finally moving out of the castro in April .
Its all good

my BIO I have read a few BIO on me and It looks like many people don't know me that well , not even a bit

Born June 10 so yes Im a gemini

as every one now Im from Puerto Rico , my family its Spanish /greek origins .
I have one brother and a cousin that My parents adopted when he was 7 so we are 3 boys in the family.
I went to Private school all my life including Private University , been in a Catholic school I did Theatre for 12 years and I play the flout and Piano(the piano I don't any more , the flout well you see my movies ;-) Ja Ja ).
and I was a missionary
My biggest secret its that I dance Ballet many people don't know that , only my best friends, my family and my BF .

in college I went to a school of Architectural where I got more in love with History , later I became a History Tour Guide and manager for Royal C... , Holland america and Celebrity cruises later I became a Bus driver , I did drove those big 32 and 25 pax buses , I was the only gay guy in the company , the all were great with me and there was a lesbian driver . that was cool I like very masculines jobs . not usual for gay men .

I done Porn Magazines for 10 year s before I became a porn actor .

I live in Miami for 3 years were I work with some fashion designers doing jewelry for fashion shows some I sold in there stores Like Mitzy noun in Mexico for the singer Thalia designer and Yolanda munoz a great Cuban designer from and Nicolas Felizola from Venezuela ( more sex in his offise then work ) ja ja ja but yes I do jewelry and many that come to my store see some of my creations that I do In my free time . I done wedding and shows , and still do .

I stared to do porn since I always wanted but never had the balls to do it and when I was 29, I said to my self now or never . "no one wants to buy a movie of me in my fifty's" so I said " Ill do porn wild I still in my 20 's" . here I am
sometimes I serious that does not mean that Im not friendly .

I like to travel I been in Barcelona athens , Mykonos, Zuric, Paris, Rome , Napels , Argentina and so many other countries .I love to travel , so my brother that is in the Army he travels a great deal to , he is a great doctor and travels all the time .

This last sentence its for my brother, I pray he is protected , he will be going to Iraq in 3 weeks , I hope that this year in Iraq is fast and safe for him . Im sure he will be fine he is a medic in the army so at least he will be more safe then other in the Afganistan (its in Spanish ).

well this is my Bio