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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Movie , still in my store , Why they want to kill me ja ja ja

For those that have ask about my store I still have it , I still work on the store every day , so No I did not closed the store , and I m just in the proces of changing the store a little and getting more great products like my leather candles and bamboo towels . and my web still is

This little sentence , I will dedicate to the 2 psychos that wrote me on A4A telling me that the where going to kill me I have to say that I got your photos and if I get one more text , I will put your photos in every single blog that I know and I will go to the police . since my dad Just open his Own Detective company I will used his service to get you 2 , Im not scare so bring it on , this is something that happens to all porn actors so Im not the first model that this happen to but Im not the last also .

This Photos are from my new Arab movie that will come out in March
it was a difficult movie , do to some stupid models but it was great to work with some great guy
and the location it was a great Mansion that was Own by Ann Taylor the fashion Designer .
there is one more Arab movie coming in September and that its the best that I have film .

I was going to LA this month of March but I just cancel that trip I will be in LA at the end of April

We all have to stop to support this bitches from miss USA our New Miss california said in a interview that all gays should die , wow that is Crazy and then she keep talking about how religious she is and her boobs , ja ja ja

And Last I want to say Sorry to CHILE for the Big Earth quake that just happen yesterday all the best since I know a few people there that are amazing .