Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Saturday, January 30, 2010

I say Obama - F , just came back from MIAMI and website

first on my website just put all the new videos and calendars that haven't been updated since september so there is a few new videos . hope you guys enjoy .

Just got back from Miami and New York , I have to say wow , thanks to all the nice people in New York that came to me and give me support and that have come forward about the bipolar blog . and give me support Im great all ready , in life we all have ups and down and we have to learn from all . Miami Fun as always to see all my friends and my ex that lives in MIami . I did live in miami for 3 years and I always love to go back to my second home . Miami , Thanks to PUSILA the Fab...... Drag that mede my night she is so fun . I cant talk about all the hot Cuban Guys MMMMMMMMMMM to much ........ja ja ja I cant go to Miami I always get in trouble . sorry baby I already told him its all good Ja ja ja .

NOW more Austere matter :

GODIVA to bad , Im a big client but they just fired a Model that work for them all CUZZZZZZ he invite sister Roma to a Party . Ill say BOOO to Godiva that is been homo discriminatory .

OBAMA Im sad that he promise doing green businesses and doing things for the environment but I haven't heard anything .
He have not done any regulation I suggest that he should regulate all airports that create so much trash I saw people asking for a plastic bag just to get to the table and then put the bag in the trash , second he should regulate big companies , Many big companies claim to be Eco friendly and they aren't , they do something minimal and they scream that they are saving the environment , very bad , and Yes The Government should regulate many things since people wont do anything , if is not by law . so this note is a -F for Obama in his ECO bullshit promises .

Thanks for emails and those who have come to me about helping HAITI , That is great and I did help with Money . If we have money to drink and buy drugs we have money for helping others . I don't used drugs and drink very little but I have to say that Im bless and more fortunate then others , so why not helping , I which I could have help even more .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lets help Haiti and some new photos

Hope we all get to help haiti even with , one food can , or one dollar true red cross or salvation Army this is one of the most poor countries in the world , and its a sad picture .

Monday, January 11, 2010

christmas , new year and new movies and traveling

this are my 2 new movies and I got the month of january in Raging stallion calendar

I just had 2 week s in Puerto Rico
I had a party on the new year at the apartment in san juan and I had a blast on a boat .

christmas party was great with many friends in san francisco , steve cruz gave me a wine he said that had my name , the wine is call bitch . well , well , well I dont know but I think I like the name I dont like that is pink if it was bleu , my favorite color then I can say that was my wine .but thanks steve ILL drink that one soon .

thanks for all the emails in my blog and my personal email hope every one starts the new year with great things .
Its all good Im back in san Francisco for 10 days to work in my store and then I start to travel .

My Next traveling its New York January 21 - 25 only visit to NY this year .
and Miami january 25 - 29 and its the only visit to miami this year .
the other 2 cities that Ill be visiting soon maybe in february or march its LA , Chicago and Bogota in Colombia .

Still have my store and my website by the way thanks to a few fans that have shop online
very sweet .