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Friday, November 5, 2010

Single life alot of traveling , new life

Single yes I just became single a few weeks ago .
I been traveling alot so I haven't had a computer to write my blog for those that send me emails asking wats going on , thanks and here is my new updates , I been the last month in LA , Vermont , Boston , NY and Fort Lauderdale .
wow just got back to san francisco Ill be here for one or two month till I settle in the East coast YEA , East coast here I come.
I m very lucky and I love to start my new life in a city that people love me and I have many friends I have 3 options still waiting for a few job offers but its on top of my List Puerto Rico where Ill work at my dads company , New York or Fort lauderdale . so Ill se my friends and fans in the east cost more often .

Halloween OMG I lost my lic with $120 dollars and the parking ticket so to get my car out of the parking lot it was a cavity search for ID and other info , I finally went to a bar where I won the costume contest and I recover my money so it was a very fun night after all .

Ill be in San Diego soon
Then Back In New York and
Soon Ill be in Madrid Spain
Paris and Germany so for my fans in those cities specially paris and Berlin that I have tons of fan Ill be there soon .

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