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Monday, June 28, 2010

New York in July , GUYS USING MY PHOTOS IN 2 web

NY july 7 to the 12 Ill be in NY and then Ill be in San Juan PR

My Birth day it was fun thanks to all for the emails the messages on facebook and cards for my birthday I had a good time in a Spanish tapas restaurant with 16 friends it was fun .

my birthday party

I did a book signing on a San Francisco Bar it was very fun for a book that Im in the cover by photographer Lisle Taaje
thanks for all the people and fans that came to say hello

I just found a guy in XTUBE with my photos that is not me PLS people use your own photos and in A4A there is a guy in LA latin10inch is using my photos and I hear a few people saying that he say things that are not ok and just to make sure that is not me
what is there problem are they that ugly that they can use there own photos
what when people see you in person you 2 are frauds

well I been going every weekend to Sonoma and Russian river so yes some people saw me up there people are very friendly in Russian River I love it up there

Happy pride to all I did not went to any pride this year since I been doing other things .


Undo said...

you are an inspiration!

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