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Friday, November 27, 2009

some new and old photos and some of my personal things

Its the day after thanksgiving I been depress for some time , there is many things that people don t know about my life .
thanks for all the emails , to post comments in my blog and phone calls that I got true this week .
thursday was a meditation day for me .

What people think of me the first time ?
usually they think Im a bitch , just because Im very quiet . I study people first and I don t open up to people that easy , some of my best friend they did not like me at first , its difficult for me to make friends . I never had friends when I was a kid I was over protected by my family .

Yes Im Bi-polar : I can't control my self all my BF and family members had told me , that I cant control my self I can be a second happy the next I want to kill my self .

and yes I did try to kill my self 2 times when I was younger , I know many people think ; that I look good but I don t I never seen my self as good looking ,many don t understand but I have so many complex , like most models , they all have some kind of drama , that people don t see most do not like there life or them selves .
some have to hear every day that they are Amazing , but that is not me I don t need that .I do what I think is correct I never done anything because I think the rest of the world think that is what you have to do .

sorry but my blog is the way I express my self so different then most models is not that extravagant and full of a fantasy life that they want you to think thats how they live 24/7 .

when people get to know me they know I m the best friend I can be , and Ill be there for long time no matter what .
and i dont choose my friends because they are good looking, or the most popular ,I choose my friends because they are real I dont look for the out side I look at the inside . same with my BF .
in my eyes every one is great or they can be great but if you ever see me with a mad face and quiet is because I m studying
people .

I put a photo I never done drag but this was a few month ago I was looking at old photos and I found this one , where they choose me in a theater show to play a dead priest that they dress as a women on steel magnolia ,
the other photo is me on thanksgiving day just a day ago
well happy thanksgiving day yes its not turkey day like some people say .

After I closed my store december 24 , Ill de visiting NY and miami in february both cities that I haven t visit in almost a year .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

No more Antonio biaggi

Ill be moving back to puerto Rico December 25 , to get my life back to normal since Living in California have made me
hate this city of San Francisco do to all the rude non educated people that live here and I just have to say that Im happy to go back to my great life close to my family that its what matters to me in this world .

About my Business Ill be closing Eco Boutique by December 25 , but Ill keep the online store only for kids and baby products since I do really well with the online sales
thanks for those few ho support my store and my acting as a porn actor I still have 5 movies with Ragging Stallion and the I will stop doing porn .
I do Have plans to Open a Business in Puerto Rico but it will have to do with the tour industry that I did for 10 years
this is my final blog for this year 2009 and I will blog again in 2010 when I get my life back in shape I promise before february .
Thanks to all my fans

Travels :
I just got back from Argentina that it was great I did 2 movies they will come out next year around march and Ill be traveling more to south america in May Ill be in Colombia and Argentina probably in Nov and it all goes good Spain in sept next year NY and Miami are in my calender for the month of March