Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is for big Cuban , who say that people stop shopping at my store ! thats what you want but to bad for you I do very well in my store and on My website even better , and Im not trying to have a good Image I m trying to stay out of the stupid porn website , do to the many people full of envy that the only think they do is to critic but don t look at there life . and with all honesty Why you care so much of my life ? I don t get it .

Sunday, October 25, 2009

At Work , Argentina and Facebook Sorry Sister Roma

Another Day in my store on 18 St san Francisco yes this photos I got them in my store , Usually I wear gym clothing but I did not notice that my with short wear bad (good) and my cock comes out Ho well , I guess Thats why I got many guys in the store that day . :-)

Argentina this next month I ll be going to Buenos Aires for my second movie film in Argentina . for those fans that have wrote to my email about me coming to there city yes Ill be in the area of Palermo , so I may see you in the clubs of the city . so see you soon guys .

Just to say to the many fans that have found me on face book I just want to say that face book its only for family and close friends so I apologize if I press Ignore but I had a problem with some one so I had to eliminate some people . Thats why I have eliminated some models and people from the Industry including Sister Roma , is not because i don t like you guys , but because I need more private time and on face book I only do spanish . So my apologies if I offended some one .
I mention Roma since during Folsom they Ignore me all the time witch by the way not complaining since I do not want to be on those videos .and I want more Private moments . One more time Sorry I just got to much press Attention and I need to change my Image for my Business .

Just to inform That by June next year I ll be Having my second website . I will start working on it in january so in the next 6 month Ill say the name of the new website .

Yes I do read my fans messages on my blog but is difficult to respond so if you want answer email me at
And Yes i was at the Operain San Francisco I saw " Fille du regiment " ,I do love Opera there is nothing like the great music and stage and clothing that takes you to some where different , another time and Those are real singers not like the shit ga ga or miss caca .
those are just to put a good show but don t know to sing just like Ricky martin and Madona , they are great putting a show but dont know to sing .