Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Texas , Elle decore and more

I m happy that Folsom St, fair is over I dont know but is it me or more then half of the people where not in Leather .....Its a Fucking Leather fair dress in leather . Yes the photo is me and Ryan Razz

Texas was great I dance at South beach club and Meteor and I have to say they are the best clubs I seen in long time not even in NY there is nothing like this club from the Owner to the employs they are all nice , I want to say thanks in public for the treatment , the hotel the food and every thing that they did to me not only them but every one from Black Hawk to restaurants and shop that where so nice and fun to meet .
and I just found a video in youtube My dancing that day was bad its to bad that no one record the other day that I diid put up a good show in a shower .

Antonio Biaggi @ South Beach Houston

Finally the first year of my store in castro and I was in ELLE DECORE magazine in Germany in the section Green living a special edition that they did about green and from stores all over the world mine was one of the few that made it to the magazine ethat makes me happy I never Imagine been in Elle magazine .

I just finnish the arab movie with a new model , that I have to say Hot and the best scene partner that I had since I started in the porn industry his name is Alessio that movie will come out next year in around February and I will say is dam hot and nasty . just like I like it this is a photo of the porn mansion that we film the house was once the home of designer Ann Taylor .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Folsom , Texas ,Argentina soon and first year in the store

Just to inform about my plans of my store since I just celebrate my first year with the store in castro Eco Boutique , is been a very difficult year good business but to much work more then what I predicted , but I survive the first year . this last month is been difficult do to the many attacks that I had to my store and my person by a group of gay men in the castro ,from spraying mustard in my walls after I just finnish painting to a guy that I had to call the police screaming that he wanted to kill me , and many others that I just don't want to remember , yes the Castro is a magical place to be " been sarcastic ".

Upcoming events and Plans :

Im happy about my visit to Texas this month I ll be at the club south beach in Houston september 24 and the 25 in another club from the same owner but I don t remember the name I ll advise latter

New projects Im filming a new movie arab bath house this next week and Ill be filming another one in Buenos Aires Argentina in November .

Folsom St. fair Raging Stalling will have a booth so ill be sining photos on folsom sunday only for 3 hours .