Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Movies ,Texas in Sept and folsom soon

just to show every one the new movies that Im in it and they just came out the first is all hands on deck is a fisting movie the other movie is call fist my but and the last is gunner world

I just want to let any one in Texas that I will be doing my first presentation of the year in 2 clubs in Houston Tx next month September 24 and 25 and
then my last presentation this year in Folsom St fair sept 25 and 26 in San Francisco

Im happy to say that my 2 nice is born this weekend

and My store Eco Boutique in San Francisco its the first year open this Sept 1

Sunday, August 9, 2009

just Answers for a fan

some one ask about sonia Soto Mayor the new judge in DC
Im very happy that we got a Latin women and specially that is from Puerto Rico
like me
About the question of Obama and health care
Its a Sad that USA is the only country that has not have universal health plan .
Cuba spain England france canada they all have it I think health insurance are giving money to Obama so he does nothing about it

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My store 1 Anniversary , New contract 1 more year with Raging stallion and more Texas in september

I just got back from Puerto Rico , I went for 5 days it was great to see friends and family and just chill at the beach

Sorry for the accident Chris ward the producer for Raging Stallion that got trap in between 2 muni train wow .
hope you and your BF get better .

I have a trip to Texas in September that will be my first and only presentation this year at the club SB and there is another but I dont know yet so to all my fans from Texas there I go .

I just sign another year with Raging Stallion Studios so Im very happy to stay as part of the studio that for me is the best .
I feel like Family and I like to work with every one there and to keep been a X-clusive its great . with this contract I become one of the best pay models at the moment .

Eco Boutique My store that I open in the castro is celebrating our first Anniversary on September 1 , 2009 Is been great and alot of work but , I have a store that have become world popular Last month I was on ELLE magazine in Germany
I never dream that I will had a store that would ever be in Magazines in paris Finland canada and now germany that is great .
Thanks to some of my fan that Have support my store and shop in the store .