Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Friday, June 26, 2009

just to honor Michael and Farrah

Rip to Michael jackson
from smooth criminal to black or with he's songs where great , and by far the best singer in USA

Rip Farrah Fawcet I did not now her but I saw the documentary yesterday and It was great
the only charlie Angels That I know was drew and Cameron diaz but Farrah story its sad

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life in castro, PR in july and My sex stories with Police

Work in the castro
All I been doing its work and work and work
I been trying to be nice to every one in Castro but I got some guy that stole my gay flag from my store another gay guy stole some lotions from my store I had to run after him another did a graffiti at my window and another gay guy just started to scream at me at the Gym he scream " what the fuck is your problem " and I swear I never cross a word with him or done anything every one at the gym was looking at him and ask me if I was ok . I can Feel the LOVE in the Castro but I have to say Im not going there is more Biaagi and Eco boutique in the castro for long .

Gay Pride its my first pride in san francisco and I have to say Im ready to see how is it I have to say that my favorite are in cabo Rojo , puerto Rico , pride in NY and Long beach CA they are the best .
Happy Gay Pride to every one .

Im going to San Juan PR in july Hope to have fun with friend and family .

My store has a face book page EcoBoutique become a fan

A few fans have ask me , what is the best sex experience that I have got ?

I will say a few every week this are real stories that happen to me and every week I will tell others this week with Police

My Favorites are the Police
One of my favorite stories is when I was in central park and I seat for a wild and I was in a area under construction and I got a hard one I start to masturbate and a police came toward me and ask if I was ok I put my cock back in my shorts but he saw the hard on and he grab his bulge I did to and he came and suck me till I cum in his mouth .

the second police story that I love was in puerto rico I was driving and a police stop me I was confuse since I was driving ok he came to my car and he ask for my telephone number , I say what he said Im sorry I respond no problem I got out the car we kiss then we drove to a street 2 block away and I fuck him in the patrol that was my favorite police sex ever and He was Married

the last Police sex story was in Rio piedra the college city in PR I was walking in a shop street area and this police in a bike look at me , and grab he bulge I smile and grab mine he did a sign to follow him so I did I guess I m a sucker for police , so we went to this building that was a mall but from 5 levels only the fist 2 are in used we went to what was the food court and I fuck him in what was a kitchen it was very dark and we had to stop because a security guy walk by and went to the bathroom when he left , I fuck him some more and gave him some cum I still have his cell number he was hot

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Argentina and in July Puerto Rico , My birth Day

Im in front of the pink house where the president work

no pig flu in Argentina thats why they cover me

well in face book I put that I was going to pee on Eva Peron musoleum and sing don't cry for me Argentina but I never went to the cementery , well the trip was great .Argentina its getting Expensive every day more and more do to all the turists that keep going so soon wont be that cheap .but food still nothing

the movie its all argentinian boys Im the only one not from argentina there is a gaucho or a country side cow boy in the movie he is 24 so this movie its one hot movie with hot Portenos (men from Buenos Aires)

this is where the Ho where in old times and tango was born in Argentina so this Ho had to go there

well I wanted to share some photos and to let know that I ll be traveling to Puerto rico next month july at the end of the month looking for models for a project or a movie to be film in Puerto Rico.

this is a Japon /Argentinian Model

and another famous model in argentinian porn

My birth Day its on june 10 I may not celebrate since Ill be 31 fuck when that happen , Im al ready 31 time goes so fast and we don't notice , well Happy birth day to all Gemini and to my mom that hers its june 14 I won't say her age but she looks great for her age . and to all my other gemini friends and Fans have fun this month

Happy Gay pride in Puerto Rico Sunday its the pride in San Juan and next and sunday 14 its the pride in Cabo Rojo
yes we have 2 gay prides in PR the second is in the south and its the most fun
so June its Gay pride month and that meaning that all gemini are more gay then Gay?