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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Blog , Photos from PR and Porn photos

At the beach in San Juan

I just got a New Blog in spanish and English
I will Start a new section in a Magazine in CA , I promise I will do correction and spell check .
I will give more details abou  the Magazine and what is about once it como closer the moment but I start in June .

                              in a River on Adjuntas a city in the south of PR , Rio Mango 

My trip to PR was great I just got more photos and I just wanted to should all my fans some of them 

At the sheraton Hotel

                                                            A dinner in old san Juan 
                                                                                               with my mother 

                                                                                                A small chapel on good
                                                                                                Friday , and yes I did 
                                                                                            visit the 7 church that people
                                                                                               do that day and Non burn down

Earth Day was yesterday hope you all did something Eco friendly if not do it today .

Ill be in Chicago GRABYS Awards Im nominated so ,I hope every one vote for me .

I just got some photos that never have been publish , I even forgot them 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PR ,Chicago soon , NEW WEB , STD month and Earth Month

A Day with family and friend jumping 

I just got back from Puerto Rico , it was great to see all my family and friends and all my fan s from PR that were very nice , at every Bar and at the beach , they come and say hey and that they like the movies very friendly I need that more friendly people around . it was a relax time in San Juan .
I may go back in July to PR 

But MY next travel plan its to Chicago only 2 day in May for the Awards GRABYS  in which Im nominated for a Award so  hope to see my fans from Chicago soon  next month .

I just Lounge my New Webpage of my store and a New BLOG in Spanish the store web is and my spanish blog is about been green its

Adam4adam I got there  a few times and I have to say that some guys are weird like if you send a smile they get mad I don't get it is just a smile that is not Mature and others  contact me and they don't believe that is me in the site since so many make  false profile why would you do a false profile , when you go and meet the person its not the same of the photos please people get more confidence  and put your face photo I cant take those who can't put there face photo Why is that ????? 

This Month Its STD and Earth month 
STD its a big epidemic  of Syphilis hope every one is getting tested for that and for any othe
r STD . be responsible with you
 and the others .
And Earth Day is April 23 Im glad that more and more people are becoming more involve with the planet since is only one and we have to protected  so our other generations can live a good life ,