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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AWARDS ,Models in my store, My Garden and New Movies And LA

the real life couple the tristan PH and Jx ,Disel  Wa.... ,Ricky Si.... and Me.......11

My new spanish blog
and my store

Last week was the GAYVN awards and it was very fun the show with Mr. mapa from ugly betty and Miss Dickinson (hot that is how its spell her Last name ) By the way she is a mess . and Miss Margaret Cho that was great . But my Favorite moment was Michael Lucas from Lucas entre......went on stage after they gave a recognition to a women that does not permit minors in porn and he when up since some  boy that look like 13 years old got a award . Well it happen that this model did porn when he was 17 that means that he was a minor this was years a
go, But I think that Mr. Lucas has reason in that he should not be award for some thing that he did years ago that almost coast a studio to closed . The other thing of the award that was Stupid is that every o
ne that went up stage  to present a Award it happen that was the winner so after 4 times that this happen the award was not a surprise any more since who ever went up was up to Win Well GAVYN boo .
The fun part it was to see all the Models in My store from Logan ,Mathew Paris to Ricky Sinz it was great to see all at my store and great to promote my online store

Ricky Sinz are you Modeling  ?                   




     Why this Modeals real life couple are looking for organic baby stuffWhy Logan? Hummmmmmmmmm...............



             Mr.M  Paris stop fucking and Pay me "ja ja "

I was the other Day looking at my organic Garden that I have a bit forgotten since I have my store but is doing great the lemons are big even bigger then my balls and I got many Oranges its really cool to see this plants that I grow my self doing well specially since I never grow anything in my life ,Im a city Boy so it feals great to see tham and I sure it will feel better when I eat them .

My new movie I did with a New Model phillip from Zuric and I Used some un usual tools for the movie that Im sure every one will like and since he was 6'3 feet tall I had to used a box to stand and fuck him , i know I know don't .......I know its funny but that I a secret from the industry when some models are to small specially when the top is 5'10 and the bottom is 6"3 wellthis will be a great movie and the same week I film another movie and the model was 6"5 a sexy daddy from philadelphia that was a very hot scene .

After the Awards I went to LA for 2 days I needed to get out of San Francisco I spent Monday sleeping all day it felt good . I stay at the San Vicente Inn in WEHO I love it its close to every thing and it was a surprice how WEHO have change so many stores closed and 2 new
 places the new store of CHI CHI and the new Bar Mikys that was my favorite and it looks like will be the in spote in WEHO .

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Movies , GAVYN , first Lady and A4A

This week Have been a great week I film 2 new movies one with a sexy daddy 43 years old mmmm supper sexy and the other with a nice guy from Zuric one of my favorite city in Europe .
well The scene with the second one was very interesting when in the middle of the filming I was fisting him and he was hanging from some ropes in the  roof and he faint with my hand
 in his ass it was a very funny but scare moment at the same time we had to stop for half hour so he recover and I stop smiling about  what happen  . 

GAVYN I  Can't Believe  that the GAVYN the porn Awards did not nominated all the photographers since they are very important part of the Porn industry and fashion since most models in Porn and Fashion don't look the way they do if it wasn't for the magic of the photographers , i know that this paragraph will be a scandal like every thing that I do but I had to say something about this . The Awards will be Saturday in the Castro Theatre and Im very Sad that its always the same 3 models nominated and the same thing . thats why this is my 2 and Last year That I will attend to the award . 

Im happy for the first Lady Michelle Obama That just did a Vegetable garden at the with House that what I did a year ago and It is great to see my organic Lemons and oranges and all the other things that I planted a year ago to grow very nice Im glad that we finally have a
 Intelligent and socially responsible President and First lady.

I like every time I get into a website like A 4 A people cant believe that is me and to see adds with my pic its very funny  this is a add that I got from that website 
so people yes its me the real Antonio Biaggi .

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Corte , Capoeira , Online store

Court Day never came I got a letter That I just have to pay and thats it so in totals I pay $1,800
thanks to that ass hole that stop me . well Im just glad I don't have to go to court or Jail that s better and I have to thanks all my fans and people that help during the process .

My new project is Capoeira the Brazil Martial art I just start that 2 weeks ago and I love it .
Its very difficult and a great work out and at the same time I have meat some great people in the class The school is call ABADA Capoeira its very fun and keeps my mind in other thinks .

My online Store just came out This week now every one in any city can shop at my store Im very glad it was allot of work but I got 30 % of the store in it I still have to put more products 
, but little by little . its

and I got 2 New movies both Im in the cover and they are really good movie . 

Ill be in Puerto Rico April 10 to the 15