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Sunday, February 15, 2009

# New Movies , Uncle 2 time and Valentino

This are my 3 new movies 2 regular movies and 1 Fisting with M. Paris . Im very glad that I got 2 covers from the 3 movies that I just got out , since Im about to end my contract in a few month I can go with a few cover boxes that its great .

More good News I will be a Uncle for 2 time I just got the News my nice its 9 month and My sister in Law its all ready 1 month in gestation .
 I m very happy hope its a Boy this time .

Valentine Day It was very nice with a romantic Dinner and I got a ring in the morning , I had a great Day and I call some of my friends to let them know How happy I am that they are in my life is not about a BF but about friends and Family and I should not be just one Day but every Day .

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stop By Police Jail! and Store Closed

I have to say that I have nothing against the 40 and 50 year old since I have many , friends in there 40 and 50 and MY Boyfriend is 44 years old all of my X are in there 40 I was talking about a specific group of people I don't know why the Blow this out of proportion , this is not good for me since many people know that most of my friends are in there 40 50 and 60 and I like them very much . I don't Know who from that Web site Hate me so much . I get angry because every time I do some good they don't care , all the Charity and the times I help people for events for Free No one see that only when you do something that in there head is wrong then they try to fuck you up .
And for those that said that I will be old one day that I know and I m not afraid of been a mature men I think is wonder full when you grow and have experience in life and accept your self for who you are and how you look .

Ill be closing my store in San Francisco not because of economic reasons but because my contract it was for 1 year that is do in September I will Try to be open till December and then I will turn into a Online store only . that is why Im not doing a Sale since I will keep going with the online store . But my Store Is doing good Thanks to all the BABY products that we have . We are known By many heterosexual People as " THE " place to shop for baby shower .


This week I was stoped By the Police and since I had a Florida LIc. they Say that is Ilegal once you move to California you have to get the CA Lic. if not is Illegal so for that they took my car and $100 a day till next week that is same as $1200 and March 6 I have court to see how much I have to Pay all for having a Florida Lic its worst then killing some one They can give me jail for a week I don't know what to do ?
well This have been my Fucking week