Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Friday, January 16, 2009

Visit to LA and Visit to NY , New photos new movie

Visit to LA this  week January 21 only one day Ill be in LA with several models and photographers and other people from the industry just to see the premier of the Cowboy movie 'To The Last Men" its free for the public but is limited the theatre fits 600 and the first week 330 people sign so it will be fill with WEHO Guys . hope to see all my Fans there .

I will be visiting NY the 23- 26 of January this will be my only visit to NY this year and 1 Day in May so I will be in the chelsea area during those Days .

This are some photos from my Last movie that Just Came out today  the photos are some of my favorite . this movie is about men at work . with a new model will summers a good friend or well we became friends after the movie .  The movie is call " REAR DELIVERIES ".

Monday, January 5, 2009

Soon LA , Party at MIX SF and More

First Happy New Year to all and Thanks for all the Cards That I keep getting and Its ok I still on Christmas till tomorrow January 4 the 3 kings is a holliday in Latin America part of Chrismas so Happy 3  Kings .

Just today I got the news for my next trip to LA will be doing a presentation for the new movie 'To The Last Men " several models and producers will be there and I think every one is invited but is limited space so do it with time well see you all in LA January 21 and I ll be there only 1 Day .

This is a painting done by a Artist from CA that did my drawing I just wanted to share with every one this photo 

For all the Fans in San Francisco I ll be in the Bar MIX the next week the 14 for a Raging Stallion Party and I have to say I m happy since is my first presentation since folsom ST Fair and is the first of this Year . 

More ECO Tips :
* don't used Straws made of Plastic there are New Glass Straws that you can Carry every were you go.
* Next Time you have Gift to do don't used gift Paper on less is 100% recycle , used fabric gift wraps  that can be re-used .
* Do Cfl light bulds and don't leave your cell Charger connected it does keep using energy even when you don't have your cell connected .
* Taper candles made with Paraffin are + to Methane Gas so change to soy or Bees wax .
* Don't used Paper towel get kitchen towels and Fabric Napkin and that will help to reduce the Paper towel and the De-forestation .