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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Graby , Argentina , no gay weddings its ourown fault

still in capoeira with my friend jorge

I finally got a Award , this last week I didn't went to chicago since I had to work at my store , so Im sorry to all the fans that send me email asking why I didn't went but I had the airline thicket I was not able to go next year , But I got a Award for best uncut cock WOW now I now that I have Award wining Meat . ja ja ja. but Im glad I got a Award before I end my contract with Raging Stallion , It have been a great 2 years and I m about to film 1 more movie in Argentina

On my Way to Argentina Tomorrow thursday I ll be going to film a new movie , all the models are from Argentina Im happy that Im in the movie Im the only non Argentinian model but it will be great I just saw photos of my sceen partner and he is hot . . The only bad thing is that is winter in Argentina, I don't like winter . I will post some photos when I get back from my trip

Prop 8 we lost , well I have to say that is not the religious group fault but the Gay community since we are not a help full to one another and there is so many Gays that don't tell there families and at work because they are scare , I don't now scare of what its 2009 , we the homo community should be more open and help people understand how and who are we . and for all those gay that don;t live with there family and they Haven't tell them its stupid since they can't do anything to you , you are not a kid we are all men and if the family get mad that will pass with the time they will understand like my dad did and they will be more fun of us and you . I think that we cant expect people to understand us and respect us since we don't understand and respect our self , once we all teach our family and friends then maybe some day we will be able to married and to have all the benefit that hetero people have

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ICAndres said...

I agree. We really should be out and open, and if we were a tighter community we might have been able to convince people that it isn't about same sex marriages, but about the puruit of happiness. Congrats on your award. You're so cute :)!!!

Sean said...

I'm glad you were recognized for one of your many gifts...
Olson and Boies are going to correct the Prop 8 BS.
'No one should have to beg to be treated equally or wait decades for popular approval to be treated equally'

Love you A.
: ^)