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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 the Mayo , H1n1, next Trip chicago and argentina and NEws and More NEWS

5 de mayo I just went to a party of 5 de mayo , done by Naked sword at the Eagle it was cool just a few people on a tuesday , and I ran into PAUL the guy how wrote in a website  " Antoniobiaggi hates everyone " well I first let him know that I don't hate every one just him . and after a few drinks and a wild of chatting with him I have to say  he is a Nice guy . 
I have to say that I don't celebrate 5 de mayo since is a festive day that is not from USA is from Mexico , and people in Mexico don't celebrate this holiday , its a fest from Puebla a city in Mexico and some people don't even now what is all about they even think is the independence of Mexico which is in September any way i think 5 de Mayo its stupid .

Im sick of the News of the new Virus H1N1 , the news had made this "epidemic" bigger then what it is .  and I have to say People don't be STUPID people are buying anti Bacterial shit , this is a Virus not a Bacteria so any antibacterial wipes or lotion will do <>

My Next trip is Chicago for IML and the Awards the GRABYS  , and Im nominated for biggest cock .
and after I will be going to Argentina for a new movie Im very happy that I m going to south America for the first time I would have prefer to go to Brazil or peru but this is cool to .
I ll give more info about this movie later on .

I still do my Capoeira I love it its a great exercise and I have meet many great people .

 my store still doing good I ll be doing big changes in my store very soon , and I just did a Baby expo it was great promotion for my store and the website is selling good  to
and I have a New blog in spanish and English about been green

Soon my birth day june 10 I don't know what to do its my 25 birth day " ja ja j a" sure 25 
no its 31 and Im glad 
More News I just got the News That my brother is having a girl I ll have another niece I happy but I was hopping for a boy . well now I ll be a Uncle of 2 girls " yea "


Tex said...

too friggin' funny -- i think i was ahead of you & your bf (?) at Safeway tonight. if that was you, sorry for screwing up the line -- the funny thing is I was only in the store cuz I was cruzin' you two. ha! I'd be happy to make it up to you guys!! -Tex

Tex said...

drop me a line... I added my email.

BigCubanD said...

Hey Antonio: sorry that some mamises drove through (not true) your garage. Hope you are proud of Judge Sotomayor. But she is not as "white" as you are, Italiano. Wow.