Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas party and Christmas day Gifts

*No paper towel use fabric napkins 
*do a 6 minutes shower no more then that . Save some   water its Eco 
*no Plastic Bags do Canvas bag
* next year instead of gift wrap paper , do a fabric gift bag that you can reused .

Merry christmas and happy New year I have to Say Thanks to all the fan that keep sending Xmas Cards that is very nice. Last night I hade a party for about 84  frie
nds it was crazzzzzzzy . well it was allot of fun and some people of the industry came to the house like bo mathews and steve Cruz and producer chris ward and tony Dimarco It was very nice to have them all at my Party .

Well Ho Ho Ho santa came this morning and I got many gift but my favorite and most weird was a Deep Fryer , I have to say I always wanted one but never but one , thats great and fun scary since That means cooking well but no  grease every wear that good and organ
ic oil that is a original gift and funny .

Friday, December 19, 2008

3 Eco tips , 7X7 , Hollidays and more , Sex in my Store

No plastic Bags , get  Canvas Bags Its more elegant and they don't break like plastic bags .
Don't buy Bottles of water are more Germs then toilet  water , get a Steal Cantina .
Use Organic cleansers  at home reduce your CO2 

This week is been crazy with my store .  We had a Magazine call 7 x 7 that promote o
ne of our products as the gift of the season and is been great for the store . 7x 7 its similar to Sunset magazine but for San Francisco only by the way will be in Sunset magazine in February .

This is one of the clocks from Bike parts
sold in my store 

I just want to say Merry Christmas  to all my fan hope you have fun and get to spend time with your love ones which is the best gift that we all can have . For me Ill be at home the 24 with 60 to 70 friends in a great Christmas Party .

Who loves me more ?  is it my self . well no, but this is a photo that I don't even remember doing, in a photo shoot a few weeks ago and by the way Unziped Magazine will e doing a Article about my Blog soon , I just hope its good I know my  Grammar is not the best but at  least I speak 4 Language that must give me some points . 

I have to say that since I open the store , I got good material for a porn movie with the many guys that come to the store they grad there cocks some come in Gym wear and no underwear and just showoff there ass and cock . all I have to say , thanks Guy for the free porn that I get every Day on my store .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas cards from fan , Adam4Adam and more

Este mensaje es para Gabriel Rios ,si soy Antonio biaggi puedes ver mas fotos en mi webpage  

This week i stared with my christmas spirit and went to see the Nutcracker which I seen  every year , Thats how I start my holliday season and I have to say that it was ok I got 20 mint late since the Rain did not let me ge to the theatre on time I got off the car and 2 mint , Latter started to rain . well Its my first 2 days of rain in San Francisco I looks like it never rain but when it does its all day fuck and the cold well Hope you all are having a better Season then us in  Frisco .

I want to say Thanks to all my fan that have send me Christmas cards and email for christmas I think its so nice . PS Im happy that I m the only porn Model that don't have  a crazy fan all my fans are nice and normal . Thanks to all for been so normal . 
and Merry Christmas to all 

I been working alot in my store and I just got in to Adam 4 adam I never Chat  . this is the first time I do its fun , Im looking for friends only no sex sex I get all the time , but one of the reactions I got is that people start to think that my photos aren't real they think that is some one with my photos , well its me and not some one ales I don't blame them since I hear my best friend all the time with people that used other's photo I don't understand ,once you meat the person you will see the real thing  why get photos that aren't yours that happen to me 2 times before but friends got them and report them . I just want to say yes its me in the adam 4 adam .

Get the new movie To the last Men Its fucking great .

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back from PR , 2 photographers Saturday and More promotion

Back To San Francisco I was in Puerto Rico for a few Days . I had fun and I really needed  a break ,I was a little home sick and when I m home sick I get mean and Bitch to every one and Thats not good for my business , well I m back with energy and it was fun to see my friend and Family .
Thanks to my friend Marcos from Delta that put me in First Class To return to San Francisco I alway love to go first class when I finnish My vacation so I can sleep and relax on my way back home .

I got together with a few friend on the beach some that where on the boat for my birth day and others that did not make it to my Party .

This Saturday in the castro is the signing of 2 books the Kent Taylor the photograp
her for Raging Stallion and Joe oppedisano a great photographer from NY both will be Saturday 6 of December at " Does your Mother Know " with Steve cruz and I will go for an 1 hour since is close to my store . see you all there .

This month in CA I m in a Magazine call" 7x7"  the same of "San Francisco Magazine" they did a Article on my store as the business of the month that is great for my business .and soon in the show " OUT Spoken "on comcast I will be on the show talking about some products of my store and in December I will be in ABC news California " View from The Bay" talking about my store .