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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving , New Cow boy movie

                                               New book By Kent Taylor with all of Raging 
                                               Stallion Models book sign Dec 6 Ill see you all 
                                               at the signing .

I got the New movie  "To the Last Men "comes out next week its the biggest movie of the Year more then $100,000 supper Porn movie its a Cowboy extravagant movie and Just to see the special features looks Great .
This is a photo from The Cowboy movie

The movie has the movie with blood or no blood you choose

I m up to Thanksgiving with friends in Sonoma and Saturday I m on my way TO Puerto Rico to see my family . Hope every one Has a good Thanksgiving were ever you are just remember to thanks god for every thing that we have no matter what we are Luck to have food and people that care for us . 
Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No on 8 , New movie , stop food for the pigs , me on TV wow

Lets Stop feeding pearls to the Pigs
Why the gov.  has to give money to CEO of the auto industry that don't give a shit for the regular blue neck . Its fuck 't that they are making millions when people are about to loss there jobs .I just Saw larry king and Michael Moore one of my favorite producers ,The Auto Industry has to change and I think the US gov. should use that money to open car companies more Eco Friendly.

I just got all the new movies in my web page for sale "on the job" the last movie done with a model from Spain it was a hot scene I have to say  . I m sure you all will like it .

I m happy that all the protest for " NO on Prop 8 "  are been reconsider I think Hate its wrong specially in this time , its 2008 not the 1900.  People get a life and let us live , we all as a gay power should get together and fight for equality Its sad that some gay's where in Bars wild other are fighting for all of us rights . 
I was shock on Saturday when 8 idiots in there 20's went to Castro St. to support yes on 8 and they almost got kill by all the gay's in the area . The police got to the area to protect them I run all I want to do its to punch one of those ass hole .

I just film a TV show on comcast call  "OUT Spoken " they gave me a interview about my store I glad that every thing its going great , and  I will be the cover of " 7X7" a guide of San francisco in December as the store of the moment . and in December I will be on TV again on ABC . this is all great Thanks to my PR   L.Helman . 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Day , New cover , NO Prop8 and Thanks to tony and Larry

Today I went to a book store and Saw the New latin Inches magazine and I happen to be the center folder Thats great . Today is been a big day I start my day with a photo shoot for 7x7 a magazine about San francisco that is doing a december story of my store and Im in the cover then I got a call from a women that she say I was in the San Francisco Chronicle I run to get the news paper I was in the home part like the store for Christmas and the hot store of the moment .

This weekend was great to see a protest that pass in front of my store , thousands of people against the prop 8 for equal right I can't  imagine that a country like USA still have this problems . when other coutries like Mexico Denmark and others Gay marriage and I say to every one to go to your city hall  this saturday with a candle and support  prop 8  Equal right its all we  ask . 

Thanks to Anthony a Fan and friend from LA he works with Channel 1 studio and he told me about this other cover that I m in it this month The Guide this is great I don't like the pic but just to be in that cover Its wow . I always travel and see this guide and I can't imagine that Im the cover I still think isn't real . Thanks tony 

and One more time thanks to My PR Larry Helman for all the help with my store Thanks so much .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama , MY PR and Prop 8 , New movie s

Obama president . well I have to Say That is the first time I vote in my life and I happy thet is was in a historic moment like this Its great to see that others have  the chance to do what they want and represent hope for many people that struggle because there  color,  there economic and  and the sexual preference . I have to say that I didn't wanted to vote for Obama till I hear what he say one or 2 days prior to the  election and I said wow he did one of the beast  .the way he talk that day and yesterday after he won I have to say that he is class .

Prop 8 did not won 
that is fuck I just went to a wedding last night and it was great till we saw the news that prop 8 pass that was very sad to see this friends that just got wed... they were sad that is some thing that any  heterosexual will never want for there wedding . and made my think that this " Modern Country " is not so modern after all . well congrats any way to Mike and willy .

and My store its doing really well I got alot of media interested Thanks to my PR that have done a great jod he knows how to get a business popular and he has all the conection 
Thanks to Lawrence Helman
if any one needs a PR for your business he is the one 

Telephone       415 661 1260
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