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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leather weekend , Ricky sinz , Eco boutique

Folsom St. Fair it was a crazy weekend for me between working in my store and all the autograph and presentation plus a movie that we film that weekend it was hell. but I mad it I live . I have to say that the Raging Stallion Party was good . and I m Happy that Ricky Sinz is the men of the year like I expected since june and I said last week that I knew who was the men of the year because he Have done I great job so Congrats Ricky . we went for dinner on Thursday and he shop at my store . and Sunday I gave Autographs at Folsom St fair it was great that people know me and wild I walk to the booth I was stop more then 14 times by fans for photos .

Thanks to all my fans That pass by my store and shop it was great to meet all the fans that we write to each other weekly others 2 and 3 times a week . that was fun and all the Fans that got the Calendar and underwear and other things to be Autograph . take care Guy's. 

This week I m doing alot of press interviews for my business so soon every one will see more of Antonio Biaggi every where .

The New Movie Bar Back not bareback ,its a great movie and every one likes my scene . I have to say that some interview some one say that is a recent scene the movie just came out but I film that movie Last year that was my 2 movie film with Raging stallion .

New photos in My webpage at the end of Oct. by Hallowing 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Movie ,Spy in the Bay ,Open my store , VIP Free tickets for Rag. Stallion Party

If you need tickets for this Party They are Free you can get them at my Store Eco Boutique . I wont make any one buy anything in my store is just to give away the tickets .
see you all .

New Movie Now for sale just came out this week New Movie that I film Last year Bar back not bare back like I did say  in a Interview sorry Its My accent . Finally its out for sale that was my 3 movie film and is not Leather for those that always ask for non Leather movies . Its funny and sad  to see in the cover Max my friend from Argentina that he is no longer doing Movies .

Spy I just happen to be working at my store Painting and I take a 5 minute break when I see this women taking Pics to my store . It just Happen that the building  will be restore in 1 year and she put a photo in a Real state blog . some well known web photographer saw the pic and he new that was me and he wrote( that is no problem that i open a store and he put my porn pic this is a porn model let him do a store and I hope just he sales Recycle porn models used underwear) . The photo have run every were , it makes me think how small is this world . well maybe I ll sell underwear "recycle".

I just open my store this weekend it was really better then what I ambition . I am glad that its so many people into the eco friendly products . this week is Folsom St fair I ll be in my store on 18 St. Next to the Bar Moby dick . 

I have VIP tickets for Raging Stallion Party on Folsom week they are free just come by my store and ask for the ticket . I won't make you buy anything . I ll be Dancing in That Party and Producer Chris Ward will say who is the men of the year . I know who is the men of the year is not me, its a good friend of mine . that Has all the credit to be men of the year since he is supper popular and a great performer but I wont say his name since he may read my blog but congrats in Advance .I vote for you since june I sad to all my friend that he was going to be the on this year and some just confirm it on Wednesday . 

Folsom Sunday I will sign Autographs at the Gloss Magazine booth 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Award , Free VIP tickets for Raging Stallion Party ,

First I have to Thanks for all my fans that vote for me or nominated me in the award . they will resive more nomination till  November . 

My Store will open this Saturday I super Happy about that . I m sorry  if the last 3 month any of you have seen me in a mad mood is the stress that I had because of putting together the store but now I better . The Saturday I ll have the Opening Party on Sunday Oct 5 same day of Castro St. fest . 

If any one is coming to San Francisco for Folsom festival I will have tickets for the VIP Party of Raging Stallion in my store is FREE and its a ticket only party . so come to my store just for the tickets just ask me . 

New photos in my website in Oct .

Monday, September 8, 2008

work and work ,new book , Award ,Why so weird

During the Weekend I just work and work on my new store painting and sanding walls and all that shit for my store . I had several people that pass by my store to help and say hellow one was Director Chris Ward , Kent Taylor photographer , Bo Mathew Porn Model and Tony Dimarco Director in Raging Stallion . and its fun to see the suport of all the industry and some Models Like Ricky Sinz that have become a total Eco Friendly freak I like it ! good for you Ricky .

Today I just got a new book  "Raging Stallion * Magnum " By photographer Kent Taylor with Steve cruz in the cover I have a lots of pics in it and other 26 models from Ricky Sinz , Logan Mccree , Francois Sagat , Luke hass and many others its a great book . and I have to say congratulation to Raging Stallion photographer kent Taylor for he's new book .

There is a new Award at gay porn times .com so you can vote for your favorite websites , blogs ,companies, chat room page ect. go and vote of curse for me . Ja ja Ja .  no I mean it . 

why so weird to every one that I respond to all my emails It seems like other porn models don't respond to emails . I think that every one that writes to you its important because those are your Fans and thats why we are in the industry because people like you and buy your movies .
so for those models that don't respond to there fans Fuck off up your s . well I think they like that . Ja Ja Ja . well any way Any one that write me I ll respond .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Business , What the fuck , friend in town

I been just working on my business  during the week just thinking  that in 20 days that s my life it will be all work for the most part . But I m very happy to do my own store . and more since is something that I m passion and like to do . this week I start to work on the remodeling of the store in the Castro St.  Area .

What the fuck is this ?

I have my friend Judi visiting San Francisco I love when I have my PR friends visiting . she loves dancing salsa so we will go on sunday to the bar el rio . Today we went to see the museum of modern art that they have Frida Calo expo, I have to say that we did not like modern art and we did not like Frida Calo I just like her life but not her work .

Next monday new photos and next blog 
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