Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, August 25, 2008

New Busines , New Picts in Web , Flotation Device Pictures

Eco Boutique every one have been very nice with all the emails about my new project . The store that I m opening in San Francisco and that I will be working in it . Hope I get to see some of my fan . I will be open my store  for Folsom St. Festival . Some  people have ask me if I wont be doing movies , well ,  I  have 1 more year to do movies and I don't know if I ll stope before but for now I ll do a few more movies .


Those pictures is in the last movie in Arizona and hade to go to the other side of the creek with my flotation device . 

I will put new pictures in my website  in October with 3 New photo sets . I have to remind The New Calendar of Grunts I m January so you can start the New year with your ass full . The Last movie is Big Bigger Biggest part 2 That I have a great scene that I m sure people will like .

What a Model have to do for a nomination or a award . I want to know I fuck any one that
 nominated me or I ll still a Award from any model just to have a Award in my hand . I been one year and In the " G " the Award in Chicago they didn't even nominated me . That is Fuck 'tttt 
I know with this new movie I ll get some thing .

Next blog on Monday  . 
I see you all in Folsom fest NEXT MONTH 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun weekend ,one year Porn model , From Porn to Business Men

New pictures in my web page will come out in Oct. 3 new sets and more 

Fun weekend I really wanted that After been 1 week in Arizona in a farm with nothing to do ( not counting the movie and the sex ) but no TV no Cell phone or party . Well , I did all the Latin barthat i could do  in San Francisco . well I went to the  "ESTA NOCHE " which is a fun bar to go and see a drag show Latino . it was fun and I saw some hot latin men there m m m . well I wanted to go to "  EL RIO " but I did not make it I was tired but next weekend I ll be there I like it since its like been in Puerto Rico with all the salsa and merengue music .

Happy birth Day Antonio Biaggi I can't Believe  that a year have pass I stared with " GRUNTS " a big movie and I finnish my first year with " TO THE LAST MEN " the big movie of this year . well I m going for the second year and Last year in the Porn industry so 1 more year hope people like my work more and more I want to be Fucking nominated for some thing this year the GAYVN or GRABBIES or any shit don't care just to be in it . I m like Kathy Griffin only that my life is the " F "  list . yes"  F "  for Fucking .

From Porn Model to Business Men .  well I been working for month in my busness and I just got the store front and all set to Open next month September 20 in San Francisco that I will call that city my New home  permanently . so every one will see more Antonio in San Francisco . and I will be working in my Store its Call ECO Boutique its a dream come true the store is a 100% organic , sustainable ,  recycle and socially responsible products from towels to soap cleanser and energy saving products . The feedback is been great and I just hope every one get green or Eco Friendly . so Opening September 20 in Castro St.  Area . 

New blog every week 
 Thanks to all my fans 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Porn or Hollywood , I almost Die , New Movie soon

Wow Drama set 
Guest what happend when you get a grope of models that think of them selves as Hollywood royalty ? you got a porn set . well I think that ADD those not help in a 80,000 acre farm with no TV no cell phone and nothing to have fun . well I wont say who are the model but they are hight maintenance . 
The movie was very fun to film is a great set . what maid it difficult since the Drama was that we are in the desert with no water and the week was nice during the day but it rain in the evening .
one of the day we where filming and it start to rain when we saw the river that have been dry for 30 years and now was a big river and we have to crosse to get to our tents . Ha the tents was fun to sleep like a camping trip . I haven't do that in long time. 

My way of having fun was to go to the indian ruins and digg some nice ceramics from the natives in that region of Arizona that go back to the year 800 to 1200 wow thats interesting 


well I die in a river in the movie but I almost do for real since the other model say That he forgot the signal to let me go wild I was under water . so I have to push him to let me go so the acting became real was very fun the water was fucking cold my balls got small for the first time . ja ja ja 

Next blog back on Monday Thanks for all the emails and the support of all my fans 
thanks ATT 
Antonio Biaggi

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Movie Been film , Married ,Big Bigger Biggest

The New Movie we Start filming on Thursday in the North of Rusian river but the rest will be film in Arizona . I will be in Arizona tomorrow Tuesday . We got a training to know how to ride a Stallion . my first horse was a Idiot or the Idiot was me I try to make him turn to the right and he will go to the left .

 Then we had a scene were I was working in a Barn and RICKY SINZ was with 7 Horses around him one of the was a bully and made the other horses to move and the one next to RICKY  step on his feet it was very bad but we finnish filming that scene .

This Sunday 2 of my friends got Married in San francisco I think its nice that they did I understand that after more then 6 years you may want to married do it . I have seen Many getting Married and they know each other for less then 6 month That is a mistake . GAY men don't settle that fast I say wait at least that you know each other for 2 years . The only way I married fast is Because I will married a  Old Million er and no prenop .

Next week Blog will be on Tuesday  since In Arizona will be no Internet or cell  is a 80,000 acre farm in the middle of a Canyon . 

Big Bigger Biggest Part 2 its out I m not in the cover that I was  going . but they put Roman since is his last movie with Raging Stallion " Thanks GOD ".
well the movie its great I know you all will like it