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Monday, July 28, 2008

boat Day men overboard, Tetu, New Movie

I recently saw Tetu Magazine from Paris they did a report of Porn models and there baby Pictures . My mom send them 10 pics and they pick the one that they love . I was hopping that they didn't chose that one and they did well Thats  life I think its great that they put me there Magazine . I still remember When we where in Paris they were grea
t to us . so I happy that they still remember me .

Boat Day sunday I went to see a boat show it was ok . My favorite part was to see 2 hot coast guard men in there uniform and I can see they didn't had underwear thats hot and one of them had the big ass that I like . well I was taking pictures and in one of them I try to grab a rope and I didn't I fell and grab another rope thankfully if not I would have fell in the water . It was scary and funny at the same time . well That same Day they had a green village I like it since they have many products for th
ose green fan like me that are into Eco friendly products . The most fun is Paper made of elephant Poo yes Poo that they turn in fiber and there is a recycle paper that is interesting .

New Film this week we start to Film the biggest production of Raging stallion for this year . and next week I ll be in Arizona for a week filming the movie in the desert with no population around the next town is a 1 and 30 minutes from the camping area and is a little town no a big one . well I will talk more of the movie in my next 2 blogs . all i can say Its WESTERN but thats not the surprise It will be the most different porn movie because the end is different .
The FACIAL HAIR is for this movie thats why . Every one have ask why that is why and you will see me with hair but not for long .

Big Bigger Biggest Part 2 is out will be for sell at my webpage this Friday hope you all like it .
The GRUNTS calendar 2009 is out for sale sorry it will be in my web page but don't now when I been trying to put it since last week  hope soon . 
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dentist , New calendar , 440 Bar

Last Monday I went to the dentist I hate the Dentist its the worst doctors for me . My molar broke so I got to visit the fucking dentist . well it was not bad at all They sleep the area 3 times since my ADD some medicine don't work that well on me but they maid it I did not feel anything but I saw the doctor whit a tool twisting it in my mouth I didn't feel any thing but 3 hours Latter I feel like a truck run over me .

I just find out that Im in the 2009 Calendar Grunts from the first movie that I did Las September . well my pics are in january I would have like to be June like my Birthday but Its good thet I m the first pic of the calendar . The pics from Raging Stallion Photographer Kent Taylor that Happen to Have a book coming out in October I Have some pics in that book but I haven't seen the pics yet .

440 Bar on Sunday I when to the bar since Sister Roma and Mayjoy Had a charity for homeless people they get money to provide food . I think Thats a great charity so I went I saw Ivan a friend from puerto Rico ho works at Hothouse studios .but just in case no Im not changing to Hothouse I still In Raging stallion . well I had a Great time and fun with some sexy men at the bar .

Thanks for all the pics that my Fan send me 
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Monday, July 14, 2008

ASS or Balls , Campaign and Tomato mmm

I  went to a bar in San Francisco this last Saturday and every one was talking about my cock and my ass . well my cock I m ok but my ass no one looks at my ass . well in NY last week I went to this bar call the Urge they have a ass contest I been 4 times and the 4 times I have win , Its great because its $100 at least pay the drinks and the Taxi of the night well Im not sure if I won because my ass or because my balls since every one scream the Puertorican with the balls I m not sure well ., I had a good time in the Bar on saturday  every one in San Francisco is so relax and friendly . 

On Last monday I got to do a photo's   with Bo Matthew It was for a campaign for Aids PREVENTION so people get informed and get protected its very interesting we had allot of fun
They were many other guy's and it was fun . I m just glad that I get to do all this Prevention campaign's for STD , AIDS , and other Charity work that I been doing I just hope that people get informed .

Tomate Tomate y mas tomate well I finally got my first tomato from my small organic garden . I guess that I will be eating allot of tomato from now on . for me its supper fun to do this I m from san Juan a city That we don't think of  agriculture and I always  wanted to live in a farm or fuck a hot farmer . well now I got my little farm I just need the farmer to fuck . 
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Movie week

Wall E I wasn't sure if I was going to like this movie but its a very interesting movie . first half of the movie there is no Talking it makes fun of our society and the way that most people in USA live Let me say that it make me turn into a bigger fan of Green . Well Green its the new Black and that its true Like it or not . so I say go and see that movie . This weekend was my movie week I Saw Wanted I love Angelina J. but the movie a waste of money . the movie did not make a point . In the other hand I went to see MONGOL a movie Based on  History its slow and in Mongolian but It was a Great movie I give a 9 point to this movie .

4 of July  I spend a 4 of July in NY so I invite my 2 friends Veronica and Sam to see the fireworks at the pier . it was to many people a few 1,000 per SQ foot waiting for hour's 
we went to eat in a cool restaurant and we got to see the fire works it just surprise me that the 4 of July is the independence of this country and it dose not have a Parade . They make parade for Puertoricans , Mexicans for St Patrics , and Thanksgiving but for what is the bigest Day in this Nation no Parade I never spend a 4 of July in this country and it was incredible that people just Wait for hours for a 1 hour show and then they don't finish to see the fireworks because there is so many people that you have to take the train back home and it maybe to m
any people so they leave the show before its finnish That is sad . well I saw the show I eat and we Had a blast . Happy 4 of July for every one I know its Late but what ever . 

I just saw that this month I m in Mandate magazine and in Adam Gay Video XXX Magazine wow plus the 2 covers in Unzipped and Latin Inches This is a great month for me . I think its funny that they put in the cover of some magazines  11 inches dick of death AB its funny I don't kill anyone  with my cock I just give Pleasure .
next month I will be in TETU magazine that is a Paris  Magazine and they ask to my mom for some Baby pics . they will put porn models and there baby photos . My mom its funny she send naked pics of me when I was a kid I don't know if that will be child pornography but any way every one that I know has nude pics when they were Baby . well will see how that goes.

Well  I like to thanks to my fans for all the emails and  photos that you guys send me hope to keep pleasing all of you .

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