Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, June 30, 2008

Bo with glasses , Steve Cruz Party , NY Gay pride , 4 of July View Bar NY

Bo my scene Partner in Trouser trout he came to my house to have dinner . he was a little surprise That I got the pics in that moment since he got his glasses and he never got pics in public with his glasses on . for me he is one of the most interesting models in the industry since he is a Biologist in real life .

Steve cruz party for his new movie Hotter then hell it was at the view bar full of  models
 from Raging Stallion and Casso . Some of the models Jay Black from RS , Thomas from Casso,  Damien from RS and many more it was fun what suck is all the rules in NY that you can't show dick
 or ass its bad because make the show more difficult since we cant do many fun stuff for our fan's .

Gay Pride Parade in NY its one of the best.  I been  4 times its good but to be in the other side on a float its great , the only 2  thing is that at the end all the boys had no energy from all the dancing non stop . and that if you need to pi no can't do, during the parade . I only hope they put a little bath in the float next year at least a can to pi . Ja ja ja .It was great and Thanks to all my fans that say hello during the parade and after . well non of us went to the pier Dance we went to eat sushi . I think we were in one of the best float we were with HX magazine NY there was Steve cruz Ricky ,Jay and my self .
Well I have one
 more week in NY so people may see me around chelsea and the village .


Thanks for all the emails If i don't respond sorry I  try but I read all of them 
Next blog
 on  monday  and this week Ill be at The VIEW Bar for the 4 of July
For movies and more Pics 

Monday, June 23, 2008

NY NY , Painted with Madona , Fucking BUSH

Beach in Puerto rico Thats were I want to be now 

NY NY this thursday ill be in NY for Gay pride  I will be Saturday at the View Bar at 10 pm and The big deal is VIRGIN mega store Saturday at 2 pm I ll be giving Autograph pics its going to be one of the most important activities of the Gay pride weekend . Then on Sunday during the parade Raging Stallion will be in The same float with The STONE WALL BAR . well will see how that go . I ll be doing other things in NY for the 4 of july I ll be in NY till July 6 . Ill be on Friday june 27 at the Eagle Bar with Jake Deckard . 

I got a Drawing part of the many paintings done for a wall that is been Painted in Castro St. in san francisco that the Painter choose me to be in the wall with big Icons like Ill be in Between of Madona and Marilyn M. I realy Don't know why me but What the Fuck I m in it . 

I only hope that Fucking BUSH don't get to ruin The coast of Florida and California I think its a Stupid  Idea just like the War of Terror I don't know who is more Terrorist Then Bush . I want to know were he Have his head since He thinks there is no Global warming and we can see all the Tornados and  the many farms under water and the 700 fires in California . BUSH forget about the War think of your Country .  well sorry for this sentences in my Blog I just felt Like I have to Say some thing . 

Next blog on Monday . Buy Raging Stallion movies at
Thanks to all my Fans That write to My Email every Day its great to know about my Fan and see the interesting Pics that I get . 

Monday, June 16, 2008

Me in a Painting , Gay & Women Sexand The, NY gay pride

Gay & Women's what's going on I went Friday to see Sex and The City movie ,By the way even if you didn't like the show the movie its funny . and much better then what I imagine then Sunday I went to see Hair Spray The Musical it was a birth Day give , and it was Great well What I notice is that in both Theatre I only saw women and Gay men . no Lesbian no straight men how weir well I had a Great time at both things . 

I got a email from a Artist that wants to do my painting for a restaurant in Castro St . so I just saw him today he did a sketch of me I was thrill since I never had a drawing of my self . well i will have my painting done tomorrow . I will be in the wall with Painting of famous people like Marilyn Monroe , Cher and Madona I will be in the Painting behind Marilyn Thats really funny .
will see how it go .

next week in NY june 26 to july 2 I ll be in the Gay Pride parade 
This month I got the covers of Latin Inches and Unzipped magazine 
next Blog on Monday and New movies in my Web page 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

PR , Birth day Party , WOW 2 covers

PR I m so happy that after 3 month I get to go back home in San Juan and see my Family and friends and specially my nice that was born 1 month ago . and to be able to go to the beach its relaxing for me .
I like to get in touch with Nature at the rain forest

My birth day was the most fun I rent a catamaran for 15 off my friends we went to 2 Islands and swim we drink so much and I think those other 20 people with there kids in the other half of the boat will be in therapy with the extended vocabulary of my friends and a bunch of gay men in bikini kissing each other and grabbing ass Im sure those kids will be mark for ever but I don't care it was my birth day Party and it was the best Party of the year of all my friends .

I was in PR when I got a call that I was in 2 covers I knew about Latin Inches but Not about Unzipped magazine WOW I m in the cover of 2 of the biggest Magazine in the Porn industry the same month that is big . I have to Thanks Latin Inches and Unzipped magazines for the covers this month and for all the attention that they are giving me .

soon NY gay Pride Ill see NY fans
thanks to all my fans that send me emails for my magazines and my birthday
Next blog Monday

Monday, June 2, 2008

bye bye 20's , new movie 4 floor and Thanks to my Fans

New Movie call The 4 Floor Directed by Ben Leon its a great movie I have a 3 way Scene with Billy Berlin from Spain . Its a movie that we promote in Chicago Last week I m sure my Fan will like it .

I m thrilled about my bye bye 20's birth day Party Its one more decade for me and is been a great one but I can't say I m in my 20's any more its something about the 3 and 0 that makes me happy and Sad at the same time well this is my Last week to say I m 29 years .
with that in mind I say Bye Bye 20"s .

I m very thrill that Thursday I m back in Puerto Rico after 3 month of travel out of the Island . I will finally see my nice that I haven't seen and my friends and family .

I have to say thanks to my fans that I saw during the weekend at The Eagle and El Rio Bar its fun to see my Fans and just talk to them .

Next week blog will be on Thursday not Monday .
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