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Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicago, Grabbys and Bye bye 20's

The first Day in Chicago Steve Cruz and I had a interview with Sister Roma for the Tim & Roma Show at Naked Sword .com it was a cool interview and is a good promotion for a media HO that I am . Filming the interview was Mr. Pam She is fucking fun I have to thanks all the fans that went to the bar for the interview . and Thanks to Sister Roma for the Interview .

Logan and Antonio Biaggi
Lucky Horse shoe its a bar in Chicago in witch Ragging stallion models Had a presentation and some we had fun do strip show and more . There was steve Cruz , Logan ,Damien Rios, James Black, Luke Hass and Ricky Zins were a few of the models and off curse me we had a blast .

GRABBYS its a Award show that fans go and see all of there favorite Porn Models from every Company I like where they did the show But The Award its to fucking Long It went for 5 hours
I was happy at the end only because it was over I present 2 awards with Scoot and Lucke Hass it was Best cum and Best Twink movie . I m glad for every one was Great including the fans for the support there was a Particular person that was a ass hole and is Howard from fab Scout he has a model company and he puch me to get to a model and did not Say sorry or any thing . all the events he did not say even hi . he know me from every party but, some people have Bad manner . I m sorry to Put this on My blog usually is not my Style but I have to get it out of my mind .

What the Fuck 30 30 30 I will be 30 in less then 2 weeks I ts scary I was 20 not to long ago and know Im turning 30 in june well I only know I had a great time in my 20's and i m going to have a Good bye bye 20 's Party thats how Ill call it I all ready rent a catamaran for my party in Puerto Rico .

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Monday, May 19, 2008

LA , Chicago and more Pics

Last movie Hand it over
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LA cruising its every were the first day I m walking in st monica blv and there is this car that I pass and there is a latino masturbating . I saw him for like 2 mint and it was fucking hot I keep walking and the guy keep driving and jack off for like 6 blocks but I got to my hotel so I did not saw when he cum well next time . The other cruising place was in a train station I was on my way to Pasadena and I went to the Bathroom and there was a line of like 5 men and there were like 7 in the urinal all masturbating it was fun but difficult to pee if I get a hard on . the other Place is the gym I was doing Legs and I had this guy doing legs and when I look at him and he take his cock out I was hot since there were more people close and I got a hard on so I stop to see him so my dick came down and left . LA rocks

Chicago this friday Ill be in Chicago for IML and The porn Awards so I will see all my fan in Chicago . and I ll be giving Autographs on saturday at 2 pm at the convention .

What is the Fascination?

Monday, May 12, 2008

LA , Chicago next week , mothers Day

May 13 and 14 in LA ill be in west ho as always hope to see some of my fans in LA tomorrow .

next week Ill be in Chicago for Leather week IML ill be doing Autograph on Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm only and at night I ll be at the awards the GRABYS presenting one of the award and friday Ill be Dancing at lucky horse shoe from 9 to 1 am its a Charity so hope to see my fans at the disco .

Mothers Day or mother of a day in Spanish its el dia de las Madres not de las mamas wish mean suck . Mothers Day its a day create by stores to sale more but off curse if I don't give some thing to my mother she will flip out so I send her a Painting that I got in Paris for her I gave her a call in the morning I really miss my Family . after 3 month that I haven't see them . the good thing is that I will see them in June for my big birth day party that also is my mothers birth day 4 days Later . I ll be happy to be back in PR .

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Gay porn Times , filming New movie , fun on set , LA soon

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Gay Porn Times its a news web site In which I was last week .Part of there news I think its funny that they pick my pic in the bathroom doing # 2 with my computer as there news . I know I put the pic in my blog but I did not expect any one to pay attention to that photo but any way Its funny and allot of people like it and more people know about me because of that report . so Thanks to Gay Porn Times . My mom saw the photo and she say that it was funny My ex boyfriend say how there you but I don't care .

New movie . Ill be filming a new movie this week its a fisting movie but its different since is no leather its a sport team movie a difference from Big Bigger Biggest that is leather but it not fisting its just regular sex . next week I ll put some pics of the making off the movie I don't even know who is the model well thats not weird Ill see him on Wensday .

There is some fun People think that a filming a movie its fun some times as you can see Tristan and me is action I have to thanks to the photographer Geof Teague from Ragging stallion that gave me this pics

During the weekend I did a great garden that took 20 bags of dirt a fountain and many plants a decorative blocks that I had to break to shape the curves but I did it . and it looks great

before after

Next week I ll be in LA for 2 days May 13 and 14
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