Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, April 28, 2008

Uncle , Go Green , Carpentear Sunday

I m a Uncle for the first time . my only Brother had a baby girl she was born on Wensday My mother and father are so happy since they been waiting for years finally a new baby in the family .I got her dresses from Paris to bvl. hills to NY about 50 or more I don't know she will be spoiled the family gave her so many things from toys that she wont use like in 2 more years and dresses for a year . well she is Beautyfull but the important thing is that she is healthy .

Saturday I work all day on a garden I dig and dig I found from silver wear to bottles and Santa decoration .How many shit you can fin in the under ground . well I plant some fern and flowers
so This Saturday I got Green , to help the Planet . I m very concern about global warming so I recycle , Plant and use plublic transportation hope every one dose it not for me I may not be in this world but I think in the future of the new kids .

Sunday I help to build a wood fens . hammering its a art its fucking difficult but I did the only bad thing its the sun burn I got the farmers tan witch I don't like since I m filming this week a new movie well but I like to get brown .

I thanks every one that came to the power hose on friday to support and collect money for the Ragging stallion Softball team . Also Thanks to Ricky Sins for coming to the bar and help me to dance . I had fun and I hope every one did well My next event is IML in Chicago I be that Saturday signing autographs and at the award I ll to present a award so hope to see my Chicago fans in MAY .

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Monday, April 21, 2008

filming New movie ,More charity ,STD month ,To my Fan


Tristan and I in todays photo shoot 

Today monday we start the new filming of Big bigger biggest part 2 . Its cool to do a new project different from the part 1 that is leather this one it wont be .  since the other model is not a fisting bottom but he is  hot . hope the sceen goes well . 

This friday I will be at the Power House Bar in san francisco helping the softball team off Ragging Stallion to get MONEY so hope that those People in  san Francisco come to the bar and have fun see you all on Friday 25 of May .

This last week I got into a meeting with the Daniel from St. James clinic and we will start soon to promote the clinic that provide free treatments for the people in the porn industry and escorts or any one in any SEX industry so they get tested for STD  since this month is STD month get tested is Part off a Porn Model so we protect other models and there boyfriends and Clients . Hope that all models from every CO like hot house Channel 1 and Ragging Stallion get tested . 

For those Fan that see me in the street and then send me emails that they saw me but didn't know if they can Say hello . Let me tell you all I m not a Fucking Hollywood Star  I m a simple porn model If any one wants to say hello you are more then welcome . 

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Monday, April 14, 2008


New movie I didnot even know that it was coming out But its out for sale on my webpage . the movie is call HAND IT OVER with the model from Germany Daniel Dixx he its a great bottom boy and it make the scene very easy . I just saw the movie today monday great to start the week . well hope every one enjoy the movie .

Trees trees all I did over the weekend It was to work on the garden and plant 6 pine trees and another tree in the front of the house it was work since the fucking  area it was I big rock but it was fun was 84 degrees and I did not have a shirt and every 5 minutes men will pass and stay looking play the horn of the car or say  something . well at the end of the day when I took a shower the floor it was black I was not able to see the with tiles and I got a great tan hope to preserve that tan for my next movie . 
this week I m filming the 2 nd part of Big Bigger Biggest which I know it will be as good as the first one . 
This month i m in Adam Gay Video magazine and International Gay Video Magazine
Next cities That I will be visiting is LA the first week of May and CHICAGO at the end of may 
for leather week IML and the GRABBYS Award  and that  friday I will be at a bar call the LUCKY HORSE SHOE in boys town CHICAGO hope to see my fans in Chicago .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

NY BIG, Organic life , Food Poison , drag show

NY I have to thanks Max scott for the activity at the View bar it was fun .and its funny to see my pics. in every store and windows . I like NY for only a week after that is to much for me the city its great because my best friend Veronica move to NY 3 years ago so I get to see her and my friend Sam well NY its great to be with friend and go to work .

Organic first organic food then organic bags , pant , shirts, flowers and now in NY I saw the organic Dry cleaners . What the fuck I m going to start to sell my organic cum !!! I don't like organic food it looks to good and they don't taste good anyway food in USA its not good compare to food in Europe and Latin America that don't look good but taste perfect . That Organic shit is just to charge more money to the people .like milk normally is $3 but if is Organic is $7 what the fuck .

Today my friend veronica ask me why I haven't answer my phone in 2 days since I left NY I got food poison and we start to smile and think that every time I go to NY I get food poison the worst was 4 month ago I was sick for 13 days and I lost 24 pounds Thats when I got the secret to get skinny just vomit and go to the bathroom every 5 minutes . this time was only 2 days and only 5 pounds what would I do with out NY restaurants .

When in NY I go to la Escuelita Its a latin club that I love and have fun there is so many NYricans and cubans my favorite thing is the Drag show or trnsexual show they are great

Well my blog new on monday and thursday