Stop animal Cruelty , this photo was for a charity the leather mask ball in fort lauderdale money goes to Cancer and HIV


Monday, March 31, 2008

Sauna , Movie by michael Moore and NY NY

Back in NY I don't know why but I like this city and at the same time I don't like it I think its good broadway but memory of getting food poison  in a restaurant that scares me the most . well I will be tomorrow in a place call papilicius or some thing like that I m not sure and monday 7 I will be in woof bar . Promoting the movie Big Bigger Biggest.

the other day I was in the sauna of the gym that I go in San Francisco and this guy was horny he start to jack off I only saw him it was very hot to see that I did not do anything  just look and after a few minutes he cum a big load thats the things that happen every day I think it was cool . 

yesterday I saw a movie documentary by Michael Moore about health in the USA it was the best Documentary that I ever seen and at the same time it was very sad to know what happends in a country that screams to be the most powerfull in the world and people die because doctors if don''t see money don't look at you . Cuba and guatemala have better treatments sistem then USA that is very sad .
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

English movies ,Cockrings ,MY GOVERNOR

today i rent a English movie it was a " comedy" I like london and there people I have some friends from England but please stop Doing "comedy"  !not funny not funny!!!!!!!!! please I prefer to see hanna montana or who ever .

Cock ring I had many coc
k rings for years they are always 
not right .the other day I was talking to friends and they were surprise 
when they saw my  cock ring its very inexpensive . is the pour men cock ring .

Today I got the News that the Governor of Puerto Rico my country will go to jail tomorrow . since the FBI found him guilty of corruption .It is sad but I happy since he was the worst gov. of the Island . USA LEARN !!!!!!!! W B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MonDay I ll be in NY promoting My new movie Big Bigger Biggest in several bars in the city I m verry happy in going to NY as a porn model this time it will be fun . 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


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Easter bay, Beast friend , Bear blast

I spend the weekend with my best friend  from PR  we went to like 100 bars in san Francisco . I don't know why but I think Im getting old fast because I get to the bars and after 1 hour I want to go and sleep . I can feel that I m not 20 anymore . well we dance  ,and drink like crazzzzy .In one Day we did so many tourist  thing like golden Gate , lombard St. , Pier 39 etc.

 Sunday we went to Dolores Park . It was great , it was many people all crazy in a
good way . I never seen any thing like that my friend jose was surprise he never seen so many crazy people in the same place . I have to say that we are more Classic in PR here people put on what ever they feel which I like it . I don't have to dress up anyway I t was fun .

Then we 
went to this bear bar That from know is my favorite we run into steve cruz and
model from Paris and it was a interesting  afternoon . people show us there co
ck and I show mine.

The pics is Kent photographer of RStallion , My friend Jose Steve Cruz and Bruce .

My friend and I ,  we went shopping in Castro and he was funny about seen m
y new movie in the windows because I m in the cover and he was  all the time telling me what a  puto I am .
and yes I m a puto .

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Movie , My DAD saw my movie , Train Cruising

Big Bigger Biggest  I just got My copy Yesterday  it was fun to see the movie since I don t even remember who I fuck in that movie  .I knew that was going  to happen , when you start to do so many scenes  and don t know  for which movie is it . But its a really good movie and I like to be in the cover . There is some good in been a cover boy and its bad if your family don't know about the porn movies .
I don't know how many porn models can say this but I do . the other day my dad who is a police went to the house of a gay couple that had a  fight since one of them bring some one that took a 50,000 dollar hand wash . when my father when to see where was the wash .He see this 50 inch TV with a porn  and in that second he saw that it was me in Trouser Trout . My dad smile and call my mom , wh
en she call me and tell me the story I got white . but its ok they know that I do porn I just never expected that my father will see not even a second off it .
I don 't know if other models  can say the same .I think it was funny .
now Im on my way to the air port to pickup my best friend from PR that is coming to San Francisco for 4 days . He is supper crazzzzzzy well will see .
Yesterday I was in t
he train and was empty there was this guy in front of me and he was looking and looking  then I notice that he got a hard on , I forgot that my pants have holes and  one of the holes when I s
eat he can see my balls and the head of my cock i did not care . but it was funny that he has to cover the hard on with his jacket . Train Story "s ! 

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm a D list model , NEW Movie

Well first I have to say Happy St . Patric day . I don' t really celebrate this Day since I m not from Ireland . But well is just another celebration .

The other Day I went to a underwear Party I haven't been in one of those in long time They are Fun all these men in underwear . I which I wear underwear , But I don't thats why I did not strip down . It was very cool They do that party every month at the power house .

Then Friday I t was the charity was allot of fun I have to thanks to the people who went to the party For the St. James clinic .

I went several Days to the new movie that is been film from Steve Cruz is Call hotter then hell I m not in that movie thats why I m a D list , just like Katy Griffin . I also did a New photo shot for a Magazine with steve Cruz it was fun since It has allot of position , its going to be a special report like a gay guide of sex positions it was very fun and Difficult .
I don't know why every time I have a movie or a photo shot I get acne or a scar or I get sick .
Photo Shot Loogan , Antonio Biaggi
and Steve Cruz

I m very happy that my new movie came out Saturday and I m in the cover is call Big Bigger Biggest .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

cock Prints ,Gym and more Gym , New Movie

Yesterday some models did some cock prints that will be sold for the charity event that will be tomorrow here in San Francisco . Jake Decker did 1 print I did 3 they are really bad but is the best that my cock can do in painting .Like always we had a bunch of people looking including some models for steve cruz movies .

I hate to be the skinny model of the company that means that I have to go to the gym every day this week I have a big photo shoot tomorrow with steve cruz .

My new movie Big Bigger Biggest its coming out monday 17 of march .Its my first cover box that its great .

I had this week some fans saying that they like my pics from [2] magazine , Latin Inches and honcho I m really happy that people like it . I have to thanx the editors of each Magazine for putting me in there Magazines .

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

airplane crusing , Paintor ,

On my way from LA to San Francisco I got this hot guy next to me he start to puch hes leg against mine I got a hard on when I look at him he got a hard one and start to jack of in the plain I just saw him do it it was fucking hot . I love airplain sex .

where I m stay in San Francisco they are Painting this 6 mexican one of them very hot they been painting for 3 days . yesterday one of them was painting the stairs and look tru the window and he had a hard on and painting at the same time . thats what I call skills I m surre he is heterosexual so I just saw hes hard on true his with pants with no underwear just like me .and I jake off .I tink he saw me but I don t know .

well this week is the charity that I have in San Francisco for the St. james clinic .
the 14 of March .

And the 15 of March comes out my next Movie Big Bigger Biggest .Produce by Michael Brandon

Over the weekend I Did as an extra for steve cruz movie is a big porn Movie I m not in it but I was an extra in a Bar scene I m all the time at the Bathroom Door crusing , I love it .

Friday, March 7, 2008

LA , Disco Kids , WEB Page

I just got back from LA today only 2 Days I like to go there and go out with my friends I went for a presentation That I never did since the person that put it together never contact me until Last minute that he notice I wasn't in the club.
since I go to LA allot people know me and are very friendly specially at the GYM and at the hotel ST vicente inn .

I went out with my Friend Kameron who is a porn model for raging Satllion .After I went to a club I didn't know it was college night ,hell all this little gay kids jumping around and Dancing I felt OUT off my playground ,but then I saw this skinny boy that remember to my self 10 years ago 30 pounds less It was funny that now I m one of those older guy's that can't stand the clubs .

well I m in San Francisco and the 14 of March there is a charity that I ll be helping for st. james clinic hope people come to this event .

Im really happy that finally I got My new web page

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gay Video magazine,LA visit , Sonoma

GAY VIDEO magazine I'm very honor that I'm the cover for this magazine from Paris .I have to thanx Thom Seck who was very nice when I was in Paris and cover all the activities that we did .
this Is a great cover the Pics are from Raging Stallion photographer Kent Taylor who won the Award of best photographer of the year in the GAYVN or porn Award.

Thursday for those who live in LA I will be in a special party in a club . I will be giving pics and movies hope to see my LA fan s in that club .

Sonoma during this weekend I was in sonoma I like the wine country , I only witch that was the real Tuscany Because it looks a little like Tuscany .well I when to like 600 antics shops witch is fun to see old stuff . Its strange because in PR we don't buy old used stuff we usually buy new well I whent to several Restaurants to expensive for the pour food and small portions but every thing was great
this is the add for a charity That Ill be hosting in San Fransisco March 14
with Jake decker and Ricky Zins

New Blog every Mondays and Thursday Sorry if my English is not good .

March 14 comes out My next movie call BIG BIGGER BIGGEST I' m in the cover you can tell by the name .