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Friday, February 29, 2008

Crazy Plain , Do I cook! ,Up coming proyects

Tuesday on my aircraft back to PR we got the worst turbulence ever. the air plain went down like 3 meters and then turn left on a 45 degree angle and then to the right , well after that scary minute I saw my self cover in fruit punch juice from the women in front of me , I was lucky since the lady next to me got cafe' the guy in the other side got cover of her cafe' . I think it was funny I smile and people look at me and ask me why I explain , when I get nerves I laugh .
Its great to see my family and friends ,and the beach . but I have to go back to work .Today thursday Im back in San Fransisco .

Today some one ask if I cook and what do I eat ? well I cook in a very particular way .I eat allot of Puerto Rican food witch is allot of plaintain mainly . But I go out to eat every day at least one of my dinner or lunch . and in my food I don' t eat pepper .

My next proyect I ll be in LA march 5 and 6 only . and I will be in NY in april the first week .

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to PR , Get to know me first

Back to Puerto Rico I'm so happy that Tomorrow I'll be back home to my family, after 2 month out in San Francisco, New York and Paris is great to go back to hot weather but only for 2 days because I have to go back to San Francisco and Then Ill be going to LA March 4 and 5 and Then I come back to San Francisco .Yes my life is from airplane to airplane, so tonight I'm packing to go back home.

March 4 and 5 I will be in LA for promotion
March 14 I’m in San Francisco for a Charity that I will be part, for St. James Clinic this is part of been a porn model, I believe we Have to give something for the community back.

Today I got an Email some this person wrote that I was charming but one Day I wont be charming any more and I will be alone. Well I respond tnx for thinking that I’m Charming I don't see my self like that I think I'm a normal person and I know beauty is not for ever but thanks god I have a brain and a great heart. I have the love of my family and friends that dos not matter what they love me for who I am not for how I look. Well I hope this Luke1 is that lucky to have family and friends that I have.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Movie ,Ipod DA! , film week

New I just find out today of my next movie that will come out on March 14 I 'm in the cover and is a leather movie this is my second one. Ones is out the movie it will be possible to Buy the movie on my bog .I m very happy this is my first cover movie that’s cool.

Today I just saw pics from one of the party in Paris they display them on and I saw the new pics from the magazine they are great very different since they were done by a famous fashion photographer in Paris Lise Sarfati.

Ipod DA, I 'm so stupid the other day I went to apple store because my new Ipod touch the battery last only one or two hours, the person that help me see in the computer that my I pod haven t been off in 2 weeks, I was surprise I explain what I do that I just let the screen to turn dark, he told me that’s when the I pod is sleep but still use battery and that I have to turned off.
I did not know how to turn off the Ipod He showed me the button on top of the I pod that is very small and I haven't notice. I say thanks and left I felt so Stupid, now I know "turn off the Ipod " DA ............

This week I'm filming another movie this time with Mathew Paris. Last week it was difficult I have to prepare going to the gym "yes the Gym people can't tell But I go to the Gym " to me its very hard I try to gain weight but nothing, the same day of the filming I do every single muscle with is a little bad since the movies go for many hours and at the end I go dead after film. Than 2 days before film when I jack-off I don't cum, that am the most difficult part I have to at least jack-off every day and have a happy ending.

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Monday, February 18, 2008


I just been a few month in the industry and I have had fun to start my first big movie Grunts it was difficult to arrive in California from Puerto Rico and They tell me you have 10 minutes to start filming .I had no Idea what the fuck I was doing or with who But it was a great experience a very friendly environment . i have to admit that I was very nerves with all those eyes on you but at the same time it was hot to have people looking at you having sex .

Then I start to think the many men that will jack-off when they see the movie so I have to do the best that I can . I been doing several movies the last 6 month but thanks to Grunt we just went to Paris to do some promotion .

About Paris, France I had the best time I had in Europe I been from Barcelona to mykonos but Paris its much more to do. I went with other 2 model the well known Steve cruz and ricky Sinz . I had time during the day to do some tourist stuff and I went to the palace of Versailles a waist to time I was not impress with the palace and another waist of time because I toke the wrong train to get there so insted of going to the south I want one hour north of paris that suck . My favorite Day in the city was Montmatre The best area its in the city but feels like the country site great view and great painters the food and shopping are the best .
The night in Paris was crazy with all the places that we have to visit .One of the many was this theatre that is now a club that fits 3,000 people and it was packed it was the most fun since I never been naked in front of 3,000 people screaming it was very funny .what surprise me more its how friendly and out going are the people .

GAYVN s where on Saturday 16 its the award for the Industry Its like the oscar for porno was very fun to be there. They had the red carpet I enter with Luke Hass, Bo Matthews,Ricky Sinz . what I didn't like is that there was no food at least an apple pie we are there for 3 hours , I have to wait because I was presenting the award for best videography and it was almost at the end of the show and I was super drunk and my Puertorican accent came out when I talk . I felt a little out of place since I don't know any model from other companies .I only have work for Ragging Stallion as a exclusive so I don't know the other models . Im very happy to be part of the movie GRUNTS since won the award for the best movie .